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Андрей Платонов Andrei Platonov

Books in the ‘Rereading the Classics’ series give a modern analysis of the works that form part of school literature curricula. This is the first attempt to provide a detailed insight into the spiritual, moral and religious aspects of the art of 19th and 20th century Russian writers. The series is offered as the basis of modern knowledge about Russian literature necessary for high school students to pass school-leaving examinations and gain admission to any institution of higher learning.

In his book, the author draws the reader into ‘a neighborless country’ – Andrei Platonov’s unique artistic world. Most amazing heroes with an unprotected heart and anxiety for the humanity wander forever in this ‘fierce and beautiful world’. These truth-seekers, 20th-century Hamlets and Don Quixotes, are convinced that ‘a song is dearer than things, for it brings one human being closer to another’, that ‘the main thing is to sow souls in people.’ The return of the novel ‘Chevengur’ and the story ‘The Foundation Pit’ – Platonov's ‘banned’ prose of the 1920s – 1930s – allowed the researcher to uncover the writer’s dramatic path in its fullness and in the unity of personal destiny and history. ‘Without me, people are incomplete,’ said one of his main characters. Being a most active character in his own works, especially in the linguistic sphere, Platonov emerges as our contemporary and a co-author of most profound human insights into the tragic 20th century.

The book is addressed to teachers of Russian literature, high school students, university entrants, students, all admirers of Platonov’s ‘inadvertent’ and innermost Word.

Антикризисное управление: библиотека специалиста. Математическая составляющая Anti-Crisis Management: a Specialist’s Library. A Mathematical Component

This manual contains the programs of mathematical disciplines for the Crisis Management Department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University's faculty of Public Administration.

A specialist in crisis management ought to master rather wide range of mathematical models which allow him to clearly formulate a problem in the emergent management situation; algorithms which in their turn allow gradually approaching the desirable result; diverse mathematical apparatus which can help in the quantitative execution of the results of management efforts. These are the motives that have defined a number of disciplines in the presented course as well as their content.

Антиохийская школа в истории христианской мысли The Antiochene School in the History of Christian Thought

This manual presents a course of lectures read by the author at the Faculty of Philosophy and History, Lomonosov Moscow State University, in 2008–2009. They reflect the path Greco-Syrian Christian thought traversed as an independent philosophical-theological tradition based on its own foundations and continuing some tendencies of ancient philosophy. The manual reflects the most important philosophical achievements of the Antiochian School – the methodological synthesis of Bl. Theodoret of Syrus and the experience of axiological constructs in St. John Chrysostom’s moral and exegetical method. It also presents the historical formation of the Antiochean approach to hermeneutics.

The theoretical course of the manual is based on the materials of fundamental domestic and foreign studies on the history of Greco-Syrian patriotic thought.

For teachers, undergraduate and postgraduate students of philosophy.

Антиповедение Antibehavior

The book is a scientific interdisciplinary monograph on modern forms of symbolic, ritual behavior including the form that uses the virtual Internet space. The research involving modern factual material is based on theoretical generalization of the methodological approaches. views by Z. Freud, J. Piaget, L. Vygotsky, K. Levy– Strauss, J. Lacan, J.G. Mead, as well as on the analysis of the social role of K.I. Chukovsky’s book ‘From 2 to 5’ and the book-induced process of collecting and recounting ‘children's utterances’ in Soviet society.

In general, the publication will allow the reader to form a clear idea about the method of social psychoanalysis.

Аудит эффективности использования государственных средств Performance Audit of the Use of Public Funds

The tutorial is devoted to the comprehensive review of public funds’ handling audit as a modern type of state audit. The consistency of upraise and peculiarities of audit execution in foreign countries as well as its establishing in Russia are indicated. Theoretical bases of efficiency audit are revealed and its place in financial control is stated. Special attention is given to the problem of organization and method of efficiency audit actualization on its each stage. The experience and problems of ef­ficiency audit execution by audit institutions of the Russian Federation as well as conditions necessary for its application in the state financial control of Russia are considered.

The book is intended for students of Higher School of State Audit (Department) of Lomonosov Moscow State University, it can also be of use for post-graduates and students of economic universities, researchers and specialists in the field of state financial control and employees of audit institutions of the Russian Federation.

Басни Ивана Крылова Ivan Krylov’s Fables

Books in the ‘Rereading the Classics’ series give a modern analysis of the works that form part of school literature curricula. This is the first attempt to provide a detailed insight into the spiritual, moral and religious aspects of the art of 19th and 20th century Russian writers. The series is offered as the basis of modern knowledge about Russian literature, which is necessary for high school students to pass school-leaving examinations and to gain admission to any institution of higher learning.

This book is devoted to the fable writing art of Ivan Andreevich Krylov, a great son of the Russian land. The author set himself the task of narrating a general story about fable, the history of the fable genre in Russia comparing Krylov's fables with those of his predecessors in an attempt to explain the uniqueness of Krylov's fables. The author also made an attempt to clarify and revise the current views of Krylov's fables being ‘simplistic’. The Russian fabulist was indeed concerned with ‘important issues’, and his fables fully bear out Nikolai Gogol’s opinion.

For teachers of schools, lyceums and gymnasiums, students, university entrants, philologists and generally for all admirers of Ivan Krylov.

Биология индивидуального развития (генетический аспект) Biology of Individual Development (Genetic Aspect)

This is the first textbook in both Russian and foreign literature to provide complete information on the achievements of modern experimental embryology based on research in molecular genetics including mechanisms underlying individual development, embryonic induction and animals cloning. The book also shows individual scientists’ contribution to ontogeny; special attention is paid to Russian researchers, their priority developments and the scientific schools they have founded.

The textbook has been written based on a course of lectures read by the author at the biology faculties of Moscow and Novosibirsk universities.

For students and postgraduates studying biology, genetics, embryology, molecular biology and researchers who study the problems of ontogeny.

Биофизика в 2-х томах Biophysics.

This book is a fundamental textbook (in two volumes) on biophysics, which presents the basics of modern biophysical science.

The first volume sets forth the theoretical foundations of biophysics. It places special emphasis on the problems of mathematical modeling of biological processes at different levels of living matter organization. It considers physical features, dynamic and electronic properties of the structural unit of living matter – the macromolecule as well as physicochemical mechanisms of energy transformation in biostructures.

The second volume (Chapters 15–30) deals with the physicochemical mechanisms of major processes that occur in organisms. It discusses in detail the issues of biological membrane structure and functioning, bioelectrogenesis, muscle contraction, reception, electron transfer and energy transformation in biomembranes. It considers the mechanisms of primary phases of photobiological processes including photosynthesis, sense of vision, photochemical reactions in biopolymers.

For students, postgraduates and multi-discipline specialists who are interested in the physicochemical foundations of life processes.

Благотворители и меценаты в истории Московского университета Philanthropists and Patrons of Art in the History of Moscow University

The book is devoted to philanthropists’ and art patrons’ contribution to the development of Moscow University in the pre-revolutionary period (1755–1917). It presents various forms of assistance to the university from financing the construction of buildings, dormitories, donations of collections and books to creating charitable societies and establishing scholarships for ‘necessitous’ students. The narrative includes many well-known and lesser-known figures whose support has contributed to the transformation of Moscow University into Russia’s leading scientific and educational institution.

For professional historians, culturologists and a wide range of readers.

Богатству Севера наукой  прирастать Science Will Generate More Wealth for The North

The book reveals the history of the development of science and higher education in Russia and the current problems they are facing. It investigates the specific features of these processes in the European North in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, and highlights the role the Lomonosov Pomor State University and the scientific activities of its professors, teachers and researchers in developing this strategically important region of Russia. It also analyzes key problems and tendencies in the university’s scientific research work and scientific and teaching staff training and certification.

The publication is intended for heads of higher educational institutions and research centers, university teachers, researchers, graduate and postgraduate students, all those interested in the history and contemporary problems of science and higher education.

Божественные атрибуты Divine attributes

The work is devoted to the logical and philosophical analysis of attributes ascribed to various philosophical and religious concepts of such entity as God.

For philosophers, religion scholars and those who are interested in the problems of theology and metaphysics.

Большой Каспий: строение и история развития The Great Caspian Region: Its Structure and History of Development

The monograph is based on the author's long-term (1960–2012) field research carried out on all the Caspian Sea coasts. It represents one of the first complex investigations of the Great Caspian Sea history of the last 3 million years including such aspects as the evolution of its water basins, facial and palaeogeographical variability, and faunal changes.

Боратынский Boratynsky

Books in the ‘Rereading the Classics’ series give a modern analysis of the works that form part of school literature curricula. This is the first attempt to provide a detailed insight into the spiritual, moral and religious aspects of the art of 19th and 20th century Russian writers. The series is offered as the basis of modern knowledge about Russian literature, which is necessary for high school students to pass school-leaving examinations and to gain admission to any institution of higher learning.

Boratynsky is the only one of Russian lyricists of genius to have more than a hundred books and articles written about his art of which many conspicuously misconstrue his poetry. It is especially difficult for the young reader to understand the poet’s works. This manual can help fill in the void. Without skirting the most difficult questions regarding the poet's art, the author speaks about them in an easy-to understand manner. He places much emphasis on analyzing the works that are included in school syllabi and university curricula. Despite its small volume, the book gives a holistic view of Boratynsky's poetry as it reveals for the first time the religious foundations of his worldview, philosophical lyrical poetry, as well as the national underpinnings of his art, the connection of this European educated poet with his native land. Being the first literary work on Boratynsky, it is directly addressed to teachers of schools, lyceums and gymnasiums, students and university and college entrants.

It will also be interesting for specialists in philology and every lover of Russian poetry.

Ботаника: Курс альгологии и микологии Botany: Algology and Mycology Course

The textbook was created based on the periodically reprinted ‘Lecture Course in Lower Plants’. Unlike the previous edition, the current one excludes sections dealing with the description of viruses and bacteria, but instead it has added a new section, which sets out the rules of botanical taxonomy and the ABC of botanical Latin. The systems of individual groups of organisms traditionally referred to as ‘lower plants’ (algae, fungi, lichens, myxomycetes) have undergone significant changes due to modern methods used in biochemistry, cytology and molecular biology. This fact finds its reflection in the book. More attention is paid to the cytology, physiology, ecology and practical use of ‘lower plants’. The set of described species and the scheme of their description have been left largely unchanged.

For students of universities and teacher-training colleges, it will also be useful for undergraduates and postgraduates of agriculture, medicine and veterinary, as well as for everyone who is interested in fungi, algae and lichens.

Бюро убийств
В поисках града Тьмутаракани In Search of the City of Tmutarakan

The book includes an original interpretation of the Old Russian epic poem ‘The Tale of Igor's Campaign’ in terms of Christian religion revealing its hidden and perhaps the only possible implications. This is a writer's interpretation of the epic poem not solely as a historical monument, as it often tends to be interpreted, but also as a creation of the spirit, a work of art expressing the concept of Russian life. The poem is presented as part of the overall development of artistic thought, against a broad background of much more recent Russian literature.

This book is not just about an ancient Russian epic poem, but also about man’s spiritual nature in general, not only about the past but also about the present, about the nature of artistic creativity and the peculiarity of Russian literature that explores the tragedy of a single human life and the spiritual path of the whole people.

В.И. Вернадский - создатель учения о ноосфере V.I. Vernadsky: A Creator of the Noosphere Concept

The monograph deals with V.I. Vernadsky’s teachings about the noosphere. It analyzes the process of Vernadsky’s formation of his noospheric views in the course of his academic, scientific and organizational and socio-political activities.

For specialists, university lecturers, undergraduate and postgraduate students and a wide range of readers who are interested in the problems of the noosphere and Vernadsky's heritage.

Введение в историю культуры Introduction to the history of culture

The textbook is focused on revealing the essence of culture through the meaningful variety of its forms. The authors considered their main goal to involve the reader in the exciting world of multiplicity of cultural meanings. Various stages of the history of culture are analyzed by modern methods of humanitarian knowledge.

The publication is intended for students of humanitarian faculties studying the history of culture as a general educational discipline, as well as for all those interested in the patterns of development of world culture.

Введение в океанологию Introduction to Oceanology

The manual covers a range of issues that oceanology has to solve to form strategic directions in the study of the World Ocean.

For students and magistrands studying in marine science, disciplines of natural sciences (geology, geophysics, biology, geography, ecology) as well as teachers, researchers and postgraduate students in relevant specialties.

Введение в палеоглобалистику Introduction Into Paleoglobalistics

The aim of paleoglobalistics, a new interdisciplinary trend, is to study the laws of the joint history of the Earth, life, humanity and to use this knowledge to explain modern global processes and solve global problems that face human civilization. The book gives a brief description of basic information about the origin of the Earth, the emergence and development of life and global systems. It provides data about the biosphere and the sociosphere, ecology and paleoecology, and about the interaction between geos, bios and noos.

The book is intended for university students (it may be used to study the courses ‘Global Natural Processes’, ‘Concepts of Modern Natural Science’, ‘Geoecology’ and other disciplines), as well as all those interested in the global development of the Earth, life and mankind.