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История России. Даты и события, причины и следствия. Справочник для подготовки к ЕГЭ History of Russia: Dates and Events, Causes and Effects: A State Exam Preparation Guide

The handbook contains information on the most important phenomena of Russian history: revolutions and reforms, wars and peace treaties, public systems and political organizations, government bodies and state leaders, literary works and geographical discoveries, outstanding writers and scientists. The handbook was compiled on the basis of many years of teaching experience obtained by the author in the All-Russian Extramural School and in the School of a Young Entrepreneur at the Economics Faculty of the Moscow State University.

Information from this book is useful for studying the history of Russia and for those who are preparing for state or university entrance exams.

Музеи университетов Евразийской ассоциации Museums of the Eurasian Association Universities

This annotated reference book Museums of the Euroasian Association Universities, prepared by the Scientific and Methodological Center of University Museums of the EAU and The Earth Science Museum of Lomonosov Moscow State University, contains information about 222 museums of Russia and CIS countries (members of the Euroasian Universities Association).

The reference book also gives additional information on 50 university museums which collaborate with the Scientific and Methodological Center of University Museums, but are not members of the EAU yet. Provided information can be helpful in the coordination of educational, scientific and exhibitory, scientific and fund, and research work as well as in inter-museum communication.

The book is intended for employees of higher educational establishments and museums, teachers of secondary schools and other educational and cultural institutions of Russia and neighboring states.

Справочник по грамматике немецкого языка.
Химия. Справочник школьника Chemistry: Reference Book for School Student. Tutorial.

The reference book describes the main problems in general, inorganic, and organic chemistry within the school curriculum according to the educational standards of the last generation.

The book is intended for a wide range of readers. It is useful for students of 8–11 grades of comprehensive school, students of special chemistry classes, university applicants, chemistry teachers, junior students of non-chemical insti tutes, and anyone who is interested in the subject.

The manual contains a detailed index and the appendix where the most important reference data are shown.