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«Мастер из Мулена» Жан Хей ‘Master of the Moulins’ Jean Hay and the French Art Around 1500: Between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

The first Russian language monograph on the Master of Moulins, one of the most mysterious painters in the Northern Renaissance. After heated scientific discussions, which began in the 19th century, it has been finally agreed to accept the view that this anonymous master was Jean Hey. The painter worked in the late 15th century, believed to be the least studied periods in French art history. This is a transitional period from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, innovative solutions and unprecedentedly strong international artistic ties. The book provides an insight into the features of French court culture and political history under Charles VIII, king of France (1483–1498) and reflects the latest trends in contemporary art study.

«Цветные миры». Американская литература в поисках национальной самобытности Colored Worlds. American Literature in Search of National Identity

«The Worlds of Color»: The Quest for National Identity in American Literature The problem under investigation In the research is the cultural identity quest and assertion in the course of emergence and evolution of the American literary tradition. The transformation of the European background shared by non-European racial and ethnic groups in the New World is in the focus of attention. The key moments of the process as reflected in literary texts are under consideration: the conversion of Africans and Native Americans, the nascence of the double consciousness, the debates over separatism, assimilation and integration, the controversy between the patriotic and eurocentrist viewpoints, the making of new and re-making of old concepts (the primitive, the New World utopia, the American Eden, etc.) integrating the “worlds of color” in multicultural American kaleidoscope.

The book is addressed to the university and college professors, students, scholars in American literature, culture and history.

Адат и Шариат в российской правовой системе: Исторические судьбы юридического плюрализма на Северном Кавказе Adat and Shari’a in the Russian Legal System: Historical Destinies of Legal Pluralism in the North Caucasus

The monograph considers the historical destinies of legal pluralism in the North Caucasus from the 19th century up to the present day. It offers a systematic exposition of the main problems of Adat and Muslim law application in the processes of the Russian legal systems dynamics over the past two centuries. The general theoretical propositions of the monograph are based on the results of specific historical and legal studies of Adat and Sharia institutionalization in the North Caucasus in different periods of Russian statehood development. The author makes an attempt in his book to reduce to the common denominator ideas that characterize the regulatory and regulatory continuity of Adat and Muslim law among the peoples of the North Caucasus in the past and the present at all levels of historical and legal interpretation of the problem.

For teachers, postgraduate and senior students at humanitarian universities and faculties, as well as for all those interested in this subject.

Академик А.Н. Несмеянов — ректор Московского университета и президент Академии наук СССР Academician A.N. Nesmeyanov: Rector of Moscow University and President of the USSR Academy of Sciences

The monograph is an analytical study of Academician A.N. Nesmeyanov’s activities as Rector of the Moscow State University (1947–1951) and President of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1951–1961). ‘The Nesmeyanov epoch covers the time of the construction of the new complex of the Moscow University on Lenin Hills and the implementation of profound changes in the system of the USSR Academy of Sciences. It also saw the university and the Academy actively engage in international scientific collaboration worldwide. That was a very strenuous period when the country was consequently headed by Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev, who had their own views on education, science, culture and Nesmeyanov himself.

In spite of the contradictory position of the authorities, he succeeded in solving numerous problems facing the Moscow University and the Academy of Sciences and went down in our history as a bright personality, outstanding scientist, public figure and citizen.

Академик И.Г. Петровский — ректор МГУ Academician I.G. Petrovsky: Rector of Moscow University

The book is an analytical study of Academician I.G. Petrovsky’s activities as Rector of Moscow State University. He held this post for 22 years in the period between May 18, 1951 and January 15, 1973. This covers a third of the Soviet period in Russian history. The time of Petrovsky’s rectorship is the heyday of the Moscow University as a major scientific educational and cultural center of world renown. Based on a detailed investigation of a large amount of documentary, factual and statistical material, most of which was unavailable for scientific research before, the book analyses the functions of the MSU Rector as a civil servant (in terms of management sociology) and their implementation by specific people in the 1920s – 40s. All of this enables us to link the dynamic development of Moscow University more organically and directly with the scale of Petrovsky’s personality as an inividual, scientist, state and public figure of a high civil and moral standing.

Аналитика и технология виноградных дистиллятов Analytics and Technology of Grape Distillates

This book considers major issues directly related to the monitoring of the chemical composition of cognac distillates and brandy by using capillary electrophoresis and gas chromatography. It also discusses technological aspects and a number of new approaches to the processing of additional materials in the technology of brandy and cognac. The author examines the specifics of quantitative analysis of the monitored brandy and cognac parameters.

This monograph is intended for specialists in analytical chemistry and the technology of winemaking.

Англо-саксонская модель военной разведки. История и современность Anglo-Saxon Model of Military Intelligence. History and Present

This monograph is another study published under the auspices of the Faculty of World Politics of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov and devoted to the questions of the formation and development of the Anglo-Saxon model, or concept, military intelligence, poorly studied in the framework of Russian political science and military history. The monograph is a continuation of a series of studies affecting the history of the formation of a conglomerate of Anglo-Saxon states, their inherent features of state and military construction, the establishment of special relations between them, joint planning and conducting coalition wars, etc.

The emphasis in this work is on the disclosure of specific issues of the emergence of ideas in the Anglo-Saxon states, and then the formation of a model of military intelligence, its formation through testing in numerous wars and military conflicts of various sizes, the disclosure of the features of the historically established priority of information work in intelligence, problems of relationships with counterintelligence and competing civilian intelligence agencies.

The monograph is intended for students studying problems world politics and international law, experts in the field of international and military security, as well as for everyone interested in the problems of international relations.

Англосаксонский менталитет сквозь призму английского языка Anglo-Saxon Mentality Viewed in the Light of the English Language

The book describes the Anglo-Saxon mentality through the prism of the English language. Despite being a serious scientific study into the key concepts of the English language that make up its specifics and reflect the special features of English national character, the book is written in a lively and interesting fashion and contains a large number of both cultural and linguistic illustrations of English life and behavior. Another merit of the book is that it provides a large amount of not only culturological and linguistic information, but also draws heavily from related fields – psychology, linguogeography, philosophy and art history.

The book can be successfully used at faculties of foreign languages, cultural studies, regional studies, philology, history, psychology, journalism, etc. It will be of interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students, university and high school teachers and a wide range of people interested in the issues of the British mentality and national character.

Антиповедение Antibehavior

The book is a scientific interdisciplinary monograph on modern forms of symbolic, ritual behavior including the form that uses the virtual Internet space. The research involving modern factual material is based on theoretical generalization of the methodological approaches. views by Z. Freud, J. Piaget, L. Vygotsky, K. Levy– Strauss, J. Lacan, J.G. Mead, as well as on the analysis of the social role of K.I. Chukovsky’s book ‘From 2 to 5’ and the book-induced process of collecting and recounting ‘children's utterances’ in Soviet society.

In general, the publication will allow the reader to form a clear idea about the method of social psychoanalysis.

Благотворители и меценаты в истории Московского университета Philanthropists and Patrons of Art in the History of Moscow University

The book is devoted to philanthropists’ and art patrons’ contribution to the development of Moscow University in the pre-revolutionary period (1755–1917). It presents various forms of assistance to the university from financing the construction of buildings, dormitories, donations of collections and books to creating charitable societies and establishing scholarships for ‘necessitous’ students. The narrative includes many well-known and lesser-known figures whose support has contributed to the transformation of Moscow University into Russia’s leading scientific and educational institution.

For professional historians, culturologists and a wide range of readers.

Богатству Севера наукой  прирастать Science Will Generate More Wealth for The North

The book reveals the history of the development of science and higher education in Russia and the current problems they are facing. It investigates the specific features of these processes in the European North in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, and highlights the role the Lomonosov Pomor State University and the scientific activities of its professors, teachers and researchers in developing this strategically important region of Russia. It also analyzes key problems and tendencies in the university’s scientific research work and scientific and teaching staff training and certification.

The publication is intended for heads of higher educational institutions and research centers, university teachers, researchers, graduate and postgraduate students, all those interested in the history and contemporary problems of science and higher education.

Божественные атрибуты Divine attributes

The work is devoted to the logical and philosophical analysis of attributes ascribed to various philosophical and religious concepts of such entity as God.

For philosophers, religion scholars and those who are interested in the problems of theology and metaphysics.

Большой Каспий: строение и история развития The Great Caspian Region: Its Structure and History of Development

The monograph is based on the author's long-term (1960–2012) field research carried out on all the Caspian Sea coasts. It represents one of the first complex investigations of the Great Caspian Sea history of the last 3 million years including such aspects as the evolution of its water basins, facial and palaeogeographical variability, and faunal changes.

В поисках града Тьмутаракани In Search of the City of Tmutarakan

The book includes an original interpretation of the Old Russian epic poem ‘The Tale of Igor's Campaign’ in terms of Christian religion revealing its hidden and perhaps the only possible implications. This is a writer's interpretation of the epic poem not solely as a historical monument, as it often tends to be interpreted, but also as a creation of the spirit, a work of art expressing the concept of Russian life. The poem is presented as part of the overall development of artistic thought, against a broad background of much more recent Russian literature.

This book is not just about an ancient Russian epic poem, but also about man’s spiritual nature in general, not only about the past but also about the present, about the nature of artistic creativity and the peculiarity of Russian literature that explores the tragedy of a single human life and the spiritual path of the whole people.

В.И. Вернадский - создатель учения о ноосфере V.I. Vernadsky: A Creator of the Noosphere Concept

The monograph deals with V.I. Vernadsky’s teachings about the noosphere. It analyzes the process of Vernadsky’s formation of his noospheric views in the course of his academic, scientific and organizational and socio-political activities.

For specialists, university lecturers, undergraduate and postgraduate students and a wide range of readers who are interested in the problems of the noosphere and Vernadsky's heritage.

Венчание с Россией. Переписка великого князя Александра Николаевича с императором Николаем I. 1837 год Wedded to Russia. Correspondence between Grand Duke Alexander Nikolaevich and Emperor Nicholas I. 1837

Correspondence between Grand Duke Alexander Nikolaevich (future Alexander II), the 19-year-old heir apparent to the Russian throne, and his father Emperor Nicholas I during the former’s 1837 tour of Russia is an interesting historical document. The content of the letters allows the reader to take a fuller and, most importantly, a more vivid look at both personalities - the young heir apparent and the autocratic monarch, to see the Russia of the1830s, its cities and towns with their inhabitants of every class and rank.

For specialists in history and all those who are interested in Russian history.

Вероятностно-статистические методы декомпозиции волатильности хаотических процессов Probabilistic and Statistical Methods of Decomposition of the Volatility of Chaotic Processes

The book describes probabilistic mathematical models of chaotic processes and methods for their statistical analysis. The focus is put on the special class of mathematical models of stochastic chaotic processes – subordinated Wiener processes (processes of Brownian motion with random time). To explain the choice of these models the authors use an asymptotic approach based on limit theorems for compound doubly stochastic Poisson processes (compound Cox processes) which can be regarded as the best mathematical models of non- homogeneous (or non-stationary) chaotic flows on time micro-scales. This approach leads to the distributions of increments of the processes on time macro-scales havivng the form of mixtures of normal distributions and makes it possible not only to find formal probabilistic models of chaotic stochastic processes, but also to give a reasonable theoretical explanation of their adequacy based on mild assumptions concerning the inner structure of the characteristics under investigation. The book proposes a new multivariate interpretation of the volatility of these processes by representing the distributions (logarithms) of increments of financial index evolution processes or those of plasma turbulence as mixtures of normal distribution. For the statistical analysis of chaotic processes it proposes a method of moving separation of mixtures (MSM method) enabling spontaneous decomposition of process volatility into dynamic and diffusive components. Much attention is paid to the analytical and asymptotic properties of mixtures of normal distributions. Systematic consideration is given to statistical procedures for such numerical separation of mixtures as the EM algorithm and its modifications, grid separation methods. The author discusses questions of optimal implementation of these methods and considers examples of CPC method application to analyze the impact of information interventions in financial markets and the data obtained in plasma turbulence experiments.

For postgraduate students and university professors who are interested in the modern state of research in the field of probabilistic and statistical modeling of chaotic stochastic processes as well as scientists, engineers, specialists in the application of mathematical methods and applied statistics for analyzing characteristics of financial markets and plasma turbulence.

Владимир Федорович Лугинин. 1834-1911 гг. Vladimir Fedorovich Luginin. 1834–1911

The book is devoted to the life and scientific biography of Vladimir Fedorovich Luginin. Recent findings in more than 20 Russian and foreign archives have added a lot to the well-known image of Luginin, a prominent scientist, philanthropist, founder of the Russian cooperative movement. The new documents testify to the deep involvement of Luginin, his brother and father in preparing and implementing the Russian peasant reform and participating in zemstvo construction in his native Vetluga district of the Kostroma province. Based on the analysis of the archival sources the book provides a chronological account of the main character’s merits in developing the cooperative movement at home, in creating Russia's first loan and savings partnership, in disseminating this experience throughout the country in the capacity of a member of the Committee on Rural Loan and Savings Industrial partnerships and its St. Petersburg branch.

The book provides a detailed analysis of Luginin’s scientific and pedagogical activities, its directions, motives and priorities and shows the man’s mediating role in the process of rapprochement between Russian and Western European science and culture. For the first time Luginin is presented in his close family environment and in cooperation with his numerous Russian and foreign colleagues, friends and pupils.

Luginin’s diverse activities, we hope, will expand the potential readership of his biography. Its material will be of interest to social historians and historians of science, economists, sociologists, cooperators, school and university teachers of natural sciences, chemists, librarians and museum workers.

Военная мощь Исламской Республики Иран The Military Power of the Islamic Republic of Iran

The authors examine unique features of modern military construction in the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) by drawing on a wide range of Russian and foreign sources. The book provides a comprehensive analysis of IRI military might and gives an assessment of the overall defense potential and its elements: the economic, scientific and technical aspects of its defense capabilities, military potential as well as its armed forces’ moral and political potential. The article briefly describes the population of the Islamic Republic of Iran, its ethnic, religious and social structure as well as the Iranians’ national and psychological characteristics. Attention is paid to the analysis of the Iranian military doctrine, its socio-political and military-technical aspects and main elements. It considers the history and current state of the Iranian armed forces, specific features of the structure and order of the functioning of the armed forces management system as a key element without which the armed forces will be unable to carry out its mission.

The book is intended for Orientalists, political scientists, students studying questions of modern international relations in general and Near and Middle Eastern problems in particular as well as a wide range of readers who are interested in the issues of the internal, foreign and military policies of oriental countries and, primarily, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Вопросы биографии и научного творчества М.М. Бахтина Issues Pertaining to М.М. Bakhtin’s Biography and Scientific Work

This is what might be called a peculiar kind of biography of M. M. Bakhtin, an outstanding literary critic and thinker. The book covers the period of his life from the late 1930s to the early 1940s. It gives an account of how he wrote his book on Francois Rabelais and submitted it as a dissertation for a doctoral degree, and interprets certain aspects of his theory of carnival. It also investigates Bakhtin’s correspondence with B.V. Zalessky, V.V. Kozhinov, and V.N. Turbin. The archival materials form the documentary basis of the book.

For all who are interested in the problems of literary criticism and the fate of 20st century culture.