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Anton Ažbe and Russian Artists

Anton Ažbe and Russian Artists

Антон Ажбе и художники России
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ISBN: 5-211-04447-9 publication date: переиздание неизвестно format: 70х80 1/16 pages': 256

Anton Ažbe (1862–1905) was a Slovenian artist and educator who, through his work, incorporated Slovenian art in the European cultural context and exerted serious influence on the fine arts in several European countries. The book examines Ažbe’s life, work and pedagogical activity based of the materials and research hitherto unknown to the Russian reader. It shows for the first time all the preserved and attributed works of this artist and teacher and also expands and clarifies the available information about Ažbe’s Russian students – Bilibin, Grabar, Dobuzhinsky, Kandinsky, Petrov-Vodkin, etc.

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