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Moscow University Press is the oldest and the largest publishing house in Russia that issues scientific literature and books for education. Its’ history goes back as far as a quarter of thousand years. One can hardly imagine an academic library, a university library or a school library without a book printed by MSU Press, both in Russia, or in neighbor countries, or even in any world educational or scientific center.

From the start of publishing craft at university till today Moscow University Press issued over 50.000 titles. The authors’ pool includes leading professors and researchers of Moscow State University. MSU Press publishes books in almost all modern sciences for researchers and specialists, for students as well as books for a mass reader.

MSU Press yearly publishes more than 150 issues of the academic periodical “Moscow University Bulletin”  (various series) and “Bulletin of Moscow Society of Naturalists” (two series). Some series of “Moscow University Bulletin”: “Mathematics and Mechanics”, “Chemistry”, “Physics. Astronomy”, “Geology”, “Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics”, “Biology”, “Soil Science”, have full English versions published by Allerton Press Inc. (USA).

The most popular MSU Press series are “Classical Textbook for University”, “MSU for Schools”, “Supercomputing Technologies”, “School of Thoughtful Reading”. MSU Press is a winner of Russian and International Book Fairs.