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ISBN: 978-5-19-010812-5 publication date: 2014 format: 60×901/16 pages': 199

The book is a scientific interdisciplinary monograph on modern forms of symbolic, ritual behavior including the form that uses the virtual Internet space. The research involving modern factual material is based on theoretical generalization of the methodological approaches. views by Z. Freud, J. Piaget, L. Vygotsky, K. Levy– Strauss, J. Lacan, J.G. Mead, as well as on the analysis of the social role of K.I. Chukovsky’s book ‘From 2 to 5’ and the book-induced process of collecting and recounting ‘children's utterances’ in Soviet society.

In general, the publication will allow the reader to form a clear idea about the method of social psychoanalysis.

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