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«Война и мир» Л. Толстого Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’

Books in the ‘Rereading the Classics’ series give a modern analysis of the works that form part of school literature curricula. This is the first attempt to provide a detailed insight into the spiritual, moral and religious aspects of the art of 19th and 20th century Russian writers. The series is offered as the basis of modern knowledge about Russian literature, which is necessary for high school students to pass school-leaving examinations and to gain admission to any institution of higher learning.

The manual deals with L. Tolstoy’s identity as a writer and a man and gives a detailed analysis of ‘War and Peace’ on a wide range of issues. The author sheds new light on such traditional topics as the spiritual quest of Pierre Bezukhov and Andrei Bolkonsky as he dwells heavily on their religious meaning. Students will find answers to questions about Kutuzov and Napoleon, Tolstoy's views on history, the original genre of ‘War and Peace’, etc.

The book is addressed to high school students, applicants, college students, teachers, philologists, linguists and specialists, all those interested in Russian literature.

«Мастер из Мулена» Жан Хей ‘Master of the Moulins’ Jean Hay and the French Art Around 1500: Between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

The first Russian language monograph on the Master of Moulins, one of the most mysterious painters in the Northern Renaissance. After heated scientific discussions, which began in the 19th century, it has been finally agreed to accept the view that this anonymous master was Jean Hey. The painter worked in the late 15th century, believed to be the least studied periods in French art history. This is a transitional period from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, innovative solutions and unprecedentedly strong international artistic ties. The book provides an insight into the features of French court culture and political history under Charles VIII, king of France (1483–1498) and reflects the latest trends in contemporary art study.

«Мягкая сила» и публичная дипломатия. Курс лекций Soft Power and Public Diplomacy. Lecture Course

The main purpose of the textbook is to provide students with sufficient knowledge in the field of soft power and public diplomacy, the main aspects of the practical implementation of this foreign policy resource. The paper highlights theoretical issues, as well as historical and modern processes of functioning of the institutions of soft power and public diplomacy of the leading geopolitical actors of the modern world: the United States, Great Britain, Germany, China, Russia, etc. This course of lectures is the first example of educational literature in Russia devoted to the phenomenon of soft power and public diplomacy in world politics.

For students of higher educational institutions of humanities, engaged in the study of international relations and global governance.

The book may also be of interest to a wider audience interested in current issues of global political development.

«Политическое завещание» Ленина: реальность истории и мифы политики Lenin's "Political Testament" The reality of history and Myths of Politics

The monograph is devoted to the last articles, letters and notes of V.I. Lenin, known as his "Political Testament", which had a significant impact on the political development of Soviet society. The analysis of available sources leads the author to the conclusion that not all the texts included in the "Testament" belong to Lenin (in particular, the "Letter to the Congress" and the notes "On the question of nationalities or on "autonomization""). The work is based on a source analysis conducted in organic connection with the study of the internal party struggle of those years. 

For specialists-historians, as well as a wide range of politically active and interested in history readers.

«Преступление и наказание» — роман-пророчество. Crime and Punishment as a prophecy novel

The books in the "Rereading the Classics" series contain a modern analysis of the works included in school literature programs. Spiritual, moral and religious aspects in theworks of Russian writers of the XIX–XX centuries are covered in details for the first time. The series is offered as a base of modern knowledge on Russian literature, which is necessary for passing school exams and entering any university.

This manual discusses the traditional "plots" and problems of the novel: Raskolnikov's theory, the essence of the crime, what is the hero's punishment.

Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the last episode of the "Epilogue", which refers to the "resurrection" of Raskolnikov - so far it has not been discussed enough in criticism and science.

For teachers of schools, lyceums and gymnasiums, students, high school students, applicants, specialists in philology, as well as a wide range of readers.

«Цветные миры». Американская литература в поисках национальной самобытности Colored Worlds. American Literature in Search of National Identity

«The Worlds of Color»: The Quest for National Identity in American Literature The problem under investigation In the research is the cultural identity quest and assertion in the course of emergence and evolution of the American literary tradition. The transformation of the European background shared by non-European racial and ethnic groups in the New World is in the focus of attention. The key moments of the process as reflected in literary texts are under consideration: the conversion of Africans and Native Americans, the nascence of the double consciousness, the debates over separatism, assimilation and integration, the controversy between the patriotic and eurocentrist viewpoints, the making of new and re-making of old concepts (the primitive, the New World utopia, the American Eden, etc.) integrating the “worlds of color” in multicultural American kaleidoscope.

The book is addressed to the university and college professors, students, scholars in American literature, culture and history.

Academic writing (pdf) Academic writing

The presented manual is a collection of practical activities for developing academic writing skills. The materials on which the content of the textbook is based have been selected from the universally acclaimed sources (“Bailey's Academic Writing”, “Extended Writing and Research Skills”, “The Academic Phrase Bank”), and are optimally structured for academic needs. This publication is intended for students, graduate students, researchers, and everyone who aims to form, consolidate, and expand their knowledge in academic writing. It can also be successfully used to prepare a draft of the final qualifying work in English (Project Proposal).

The study guide consists of five sections, organized logically and systematically so that students could work either under the guidance of a teacher or independently. Each part focuses on a specific aspect of academic writing. Thus, the first part ("The Writing Process") offers an overview of the academic style's main features. The second section of the manual ("Literature Review") aims at developing students' skills in reviewing scientific literature. The "Main Body" section is dedicated to the project's principal part (Project Proposal). It proves to be especially useful for future graduates, giving them a clear understanding of each part of the project's goals and providing them with the materials, taken from real works, as a writing model. According to the international standard, the basic principles of citing sources are detailed in a separate chapter of the manual ("Citing the Sources"). The final part of the proposed publication ("Presenting the Research") aims to develop academic speech skills, which will be useful not only for university graduates but also for researchers who intend to integrate into the international academic community successfully.

Dozen Lessons From British History: Reader Dozen Lessons From British History: Reader

Reader “Dozen Lessons From British History” highights the most important periods in the history of Britain, stresses the role of particular monarchs, public leaders in political, economic, social, cultural and legal reforms. The reader helps to acquire background knowledge and cross-cultural cometence for better understanding of spoken and written English and further studies in law, history, political and social sciences.

Key words: William the Conqueror, Henry I, Henry II, King John, Edward I, Henry VII Tudor, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, the Stuarts, Charles I, Charles II, James II, Glorious Revolution, Robert Walpole, The Victorian Era, Disraeli, British Empire, World War I, World War II, Margaret Thatcher’s policies.

English Grammar in Tests (pdf) English Grammar in Tests

The book “English Grammar in Tests” includes tests to train and control students' comprehension of the most essential grammar points. The book is intended mainly for intermediate students and consists of two parts. In Part I the tests are arranged by topic in a sequence that matches the one found in the self-study and reference book “English Grammar in Use” by Raymond Murphy.

Part II offers a comprehensive review of the grammar material presented in Part I. “English Grammar in Tests” can be used to prepare both for international exams such as PET, FCE, CAE, CPE and TOEFL, and for the Unified State Exam in Russia.

English of Global Economics English of Global Economics

The manual includes texts dealing with modern economic issues and contains an overall vocabulary and conceptual basis enabling students to easily read and understand the economic literature and to have a sufficient mastery of the professional language required for written and oral communication with their foreign colleagues.

For senior and graduate university students majoring in economics as well as for a wide range of people studying world economic problems.

English-in-Law: Textbook English-in-Law: Textbook

“English-in-Law” is a textbook presenting interesting material with a major focus on legal English. It combines incentive ideas from the field of law with the strongly task-based approach. It can be used both in class and for self-study by students of law, philosophy, sociology, political sciences, etc. Its assignments and tasks help learners of English to acquire and develop useful skills of reading, writing, speaking as well as communicative and cross-cultural competences.

Key words: law, aims of law, morality, self-interest, lawyers, positive law, international law, common law, statute law, public law, parliament, government, state.

INMOST-программная платформа и графическая среда для разработки параллельных численных моделей на сетках INMOST: A Software Platform and Graphical Environment for Development of Parallel Numerical Models on General Meshes: Textbook

This manual encompasses the experience of creating a parallel software MPI platform and a graphical environment for developing parallel numerical models on general meshes. The INMOST (Integrated Numerical Modeling and Object- Oriented Supercomputing Technologies) technology kit is a tool for supercomputer modeling characterized by the maximum commonness of supported meshes, flexible and economical nature of its distributed data structure, its cross-platform and also the graphical environment for an interactive user interface.

This manual will be useful for instrumentation and automation developers, engineers and mathematicians, whose activities are related to supercomputer modeling: to all those directly involved in creating parallel applications or using parallel numerical models.

Python: большая книга примеров (pdf) Python: a big book of examples

A large book of examples is based on the description of the Python programming language ( and many materials from various Internet sources. The main purpose of the book is to form an idea of the language based on its description and examples of its application.

The book can be used as a teaching aid.

Автоматизированные системы финансовых расследований Automated Systems of Financial Investigations: Course of Lectures

This book is an introductory course of lectures which allows learning about one of the largest projects on the creation of information systems in law enforcement authorities of Russia being implemented in the authorities of finan­cial investigations — automated financial investigation systems. The tutorial is intended for students of Lomonosov Moscow State University’s Higher School of State Audit (Department) as well as other educational establishments of law enforcement authorities and employees of the authorities of financial investiga­tions, and all the other readers interested in the problems of creation of infor­mation and analytical support systems for prevention of economic (financial) crime. 

The course of lectures is written for Bachelor students in the specialty 030900 “Legal Studies”, field of study “Economic Crime Investigation”. 

Агроэкологический мониторинг почв и земельных ресурсов Российской Федерации Agroecological Monitoring of Soils and Land Resources of Russian Federation

The paper presents the results of long-term agroecological monitoring of the state of Russia's land resources: the dynamics of changing agrochemical and physicochemical indicators, the content of organic matter and elements of plant mineral nutrition in soils; it characterizes agricultural technologies used in agriculture and plant growing; productivity of agricultural crops; contamination of soils and products with residual quantities of pesticides, oil and petrol products, heavy metals, nitrates, radionuclides; it also covers problems of erosion and melioration of agricultural lands.

Comprehensive and comprehensive information can be used by state and regional authorities, agricultural specialists, scientists, undergraduate and postgraduate students of universities, academies and agricultural higher educational institutions.

Адат и Шариат в российской правовой системе: Исторические судьбы юридического плюрализма на Северном Кавказе Adat and Shari’a in the Russian Legal System: Historical Destinies of Legal Pluralism in the North Caucasus

The monograph considers the historical destinies of legal pluralism in the North Caucasus from the 19th century up to the present day. It offers a systematic exposition of the main problems of Adat and Muslim law application in the processes of the Russian legal systems dynamics over the past two centuries. The general theoretical propositions of the monograph are based on the results of specific historical and legal studies of Adat and Sharia institutionalization in the North Caucasus in different periods of Russian statehood development. The author makes an attempt in his book to reduce to the common denominator ideas that characterize the regulatory and regulatory continuity of Adat and Muslim law among the peoples of the North Caucasus in the past and the present at all levels of historical and legal interpretation of the problem.

For teachers, postgraduate and senior students at humanitarian universities and faculties, as well as for all those interested in this subject.

Академик А.Н. Несмеянов — ректор Московского университета и президент Академии наук СССР Academician A.N. Nesmeyanov: Rector of Moscow University and President of the USSR Academy of Sciences

The monograph is an analytical study of Academician A.N. Nesmeyanov’s activities as Rector of the Moscow State University (1947–1951) and President of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1951–1961). ‘The Nesmeyanov epoch covers the time of the construction of the new complex of the Moscow University on Lenin Hills and the implementation of profound changes in the system of the USSR Academy of Sciences. It also saw the university and the Academy actively engage in international scientific collaboration worldwide. That was a very strenuous period when the country was consequently headed by Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev, who had their own views on education, science, culture and Nesmeyanov himself.

In spite of the contradictory position of the authorities, he succeeded in solving numerous problems facing the Moscow University and the Academy of Sciences and went down in our history as a bright personality, outstanding scientist, public figure and citizen.

Академик И.Г. Петровский — ректор МГУ Academician I.G. Petrovsky: Rector of Moscow University

The book is an analytical study of Academician I.G. Petrovsky’s activities as Rector of Moscow State University. He held this post for 22 years in the period between May 18, 1951 and January 15, 1973. This covers a third of the Soviet period in Russian history. The time of Petrovsky’s rectorship is the heyday of the Moscow University as a major scientific educational and cultural center of world renown. Based on a detailed investigation of a large amount of documentary, factual and statistical material, most of which was unavailable for scientific research before, the book analyses the functions of the MSU Rector as a civil servant (in terms of management sociology) and their implementation by specific people in the 1920s – 40s. All of this enables us to link the dynamic development of Moscow University more organically and directly with the scale of Petrovsky’s personality as an inividual, scientist, state and public figure of a high civil and moral standing.

Академик Р.В. Хохлов – ректор Московского университета Academician R.V. Khokhlov - Rector of Moscow University

The book about academician, Vice-President of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Rector of Moscow State University R.V. Khokhlov is based on his interviews, reports, articles, as well as a large number of memoirs of his students, colleagues, friends and relatives.

Актуарные расчеты в страховании жизни Actuarial Calculations in Life Insurance: The Manual

The manual contains a consistent and systematic account of actuarial practice proven methods of calculation of tariff rates, life insurance reserves. The methods of forming net and gross premiums, changes in the reserve during the operation of the insurance policy for the various types of long-term insurance are discussed in detail.The book is based on the part of lecture course and seminar materials that the authors have been delivering for a few years at the Faculty of Economics of Lomonosov Moscow State University at the elective course "Actuarial methods". The uniqueness of the publication and its main advantage is that in additional theoretical material it provides solutions to many problems of actuarial mathematics.

The book is designed for the students of economic and mathematical departments of universities and individuals using actuarial calculations in their work.

Александр Николаевич Островский Alexander Nikolayevich Ostrovsky

Books in the ‘Rereading the Classics’ series give a modern analysis of the works that form part of the school literature curriculum. This is the first attempt to provide a detailed insight into the spiritual, moral and religious aspects of the art of 19th and 20th century Russian writers. The series is offered as the basis of modern knowledge about Russian literature, which is necessary for high school students to pass school-leaving examinations and to gain admission to any institution of higher learning.

The book deals with the art of the great Russian writer and playwright A.N. Ostrovsky. The authors shed light on what has come to be known as Ostrovsky theater which became an innovator and reformer of Russian stage art. It contains a profound literary and historical analysis of the writer's major plays (‘It’s Family Affair – We’ll Settle it Ourselves!’, ‘The Storm’, ‘The Forest’, ‘Without a Dowry’, ‘Talents and Admirers’).

For school, lyceum and gymnasium teachers, students, high school and college students, applicants, philologists and general readership.

Александр Солженицын Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Books in the ‘Rereading the Classics’ series give a modern analysis of the works that form part of the school literature curriculum. This is the first attempt to provide a detailed insight into the spiritual, moral and religious aspects of the art of 19th and 20th century Russian writers. The series is offered as the basis of modern knowledge about Russian literature, which is necessary for high school students to pass school-leaving examinations and to gain admission to any institution of higher learning.

The manual gives a specific analysis of artistic and journalistic works by A.I. Solzhenitsyn. The novel ‘In the First Circle’ is presented in a broader context of Solzhenitsyn's short stories of 1960s – 1990s, ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ and the epic ‘The Red Wheel’. Special attention is paid to the writer’s religious and philosophical views that help to understand both his concept of the Russian national character, his historiosophy, and the principled social stand he took upon his return to Russia.

For school, lyceum and gymnasium teachers, high school and college students, university entrants, philology specialists.

Александрийская школа в истории христианской мысли The Alexandrian School in the History of Christian Thought

The study guide presents a course of lectures the author read at the philosophy and history faculties of Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1997–2009. The book introduces the reader to the Alexandrian School – a historical and philosophical concept, embracing a whole range of crucial issues of the late Antique and early Christian worldview. Closely connected with the reflection of religious thought, the development of philosophical ideas can be traced throughout centuries – from the emergence of the Alexandrian School to its eclipse and qualitative regeneration into the intellectual tradition of ‘The Golden Age’ inherent in Christian patristic thought. As a cultural world center, Alexandria competed with Rome and led the way in the field of philosophical education. It gave the world Plotinus and Origen, made a decisive contribution to overcoming Gnosticism as the first temptation of Christian philosophical thought.

It was from here that Arianism and Origenism began to spread, but it was also here that the Orthodox dogmas and doctrine were formulated by SS Athanasius the Great and Cyril of Alexandria. The history of the Alexandrian School continued to cause fundamental disputes until after the end of the Middle Ages. Even today Alexandrian philosophy has not lost its relevance associated with such fields of humanitarian knowledge as hermeneutics and exegetics, semiotics, metaphysics, ontology, anthropology and the philosophy of religion.

For teachers, senior and postgraduate students of philosophy faculties.

Александрийская, Антиохийская, Каппадокийская школы в истории христианской мысли. Комплект Alexandrian, Antiochian, Cappadocian Schools in the History of Christian Thought. Set of 3 books.

These study guides present lectures delivered by the author at the philosophy and history faculties of Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1997–2009. For teachers, students and graduate students of philosophy.

More about the monographs

Аналитика и технология виноградных дистиллятов Analytics and Technology of Grape Distillates

This book considers major issues directly related to the monitoring of the chemical composition of cognac distillates and brandy by using capillary electrophoresis and gas chromatography. It also discusses technological aspects and a number of new approaches to the processing of additional materials in the technology of brandy and cognac. The author examines the specifics of quantitative analysis of the monitored brandy and cognac parameters.

This monograph is intended for specialists in analytical chemistry and the technology of winemaking.

Аналитическая геометрия Analytical geometry

The book contains the material of lectures on analytical geometry at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Аналитическая геометрия. Элементы алгебры. Линейная алгебра Analytical geometry. Elements of algebra. Linear algebra

This publication is both a textbook and a problem book on the courses of analytical geometry, the basics of higher algebra and linear algebra, created based on the materials of lectures and seminars that the authors have read and conducted for several years for 1st-year students of the Faculty of Space Research of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The publication covers all topics necessary for future researchers with a good mathematical background. Each section is equipped with an impressive set of tasks, the solution of which will provide a good understanding of the subject.

For university and university students with advanced study of mathematics.

Аналитическая химия в Московском университете Analytical Chemistry at Moscow University

The topic of the book is analytical chemistry as a science and applied chemical analysis at Lomonosov Moscow State University. The central place is occupied by the Department of Analytical Chemistry of the Faculty of Chemistry, its scientific achievements, pedagogical activity and its people. Studies at other departments and faculties of the university are also considered. Attention is paid to the training of highly qualified personnel, university graduates who have proved themselves in analytical chemistry. 

The list of books on analytical chemistry written by the university staff is given, the awards received by the staff are named.