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Волшебный мир немецкого языка
Вступительные экзамены и олимпиады по химии: опыт Московского университета Entrance Examinations and Olympiads in Chemistry: Experience of Moscow University.

The book presents all the examination problems and Chemistry Olympiad problems off ered at the MSU entrance examinations for the fi ve years. For each problem the detailed solution or answer is given. The book is intended for pretenders, entering the University in chemical, biological, and medical specialty, as well as for high school students and teachers of chemistry.

Вычислительно сложные задачи теории чисел Complex Hard Computational Problems in Number Theory

The textbook examines in detail the four problems that have attracted researchers’ attention in the past few decades: prime factorization of large composite numbers, computation of discrete logarithms in the multiplicative residue group by a prime modulus, the solution of large sparse systems of linear equations over finite fields, the computation of the rank of elliptic curves defined over field of rational numbers. The fastest algorithms for solving the first two problems are based on what is known to be a numerical field sieve algorithm that reduces them to the solution of large sparse systems of linear equations over finite fields. These systems are so large that conventional solution algorithms are not applicable to them. Special block iterative algorithms are used instead. This area of the applied number theory is now being actively developed around the world due to its application in cryptography. Because of the absence of lower complexity estimates for solving these number-theoretic problems, the only way to verify the reliability of the cryptographic algorithms used is by running a practical test involving most advanced algorithms and most powerful computers.

Генезис просадочности лессовых пород Genesis of Loessial Rock Subsidence

The monograph describes subsidence as a specific property of loessial rocks, its genetic types, hypotheses that have been advanced in this field, some experimental evidence that was obtained both in the course of laboratory modeling and in the study of processes in virgin rock. It considers logical and graphic models of subsidence formation of loess rocks of different genesis and formulates the main provisions of particular and general theories of loess subsidence formation.

For geologists, geologic engineers, geographers, soil scientists as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students of geology and engineering geology.

География почв Pedogeography

The textbook examines factors and general patterns of geographical distribution of soils, principles of pedogeographical zoning. It characterizes the soil cover of Russia and neighboring countries and describes conditions of soil formation, genetic features of the most widespread soils and regional features of the soil cover structure and specificity of economic use of soils. The book outlines the world history of soil mapping, gives a brief overview of the soil cover in the world’s pedological and bioclimatic belts and regions and analyzes the land resources of Russia and the world, ways of soil cover rational use and protection.

For students of university faculties of soil, biology and soil and geography and natural sciences and the geographical faculties of teacher-training colleges, faculties of agrochemistry and soil science in agricultural universities.

География почв России Geography of Russian Soils

The textbook ‘Geography of Russian Soils’ is a revised edition of the 1987 book ‘Geography of USSR Soils’ in line with new material and ideas. It contains a regional description of Russia’s soil cover based on the geography of soil-forming processes and provides brief information about the physicogeographical features of its major regions. The first part of the book describes the main theories of soil geography and gives an overview of small-scale soil maps. The second part deals with the genesis and evolution of soils typical of specific regions and discusses anthropogenic changes in soils and some aspects of soil classification. Thus, the textbook reflects modern ideas about the composition of Russia’s soil cover, causes of its formation and factors that determine its differentiation.

For undergraduate and postgraduate students of geography, pedology, specialists in environmental protection, forestry and agriculture.

Геология и геохимия нефти и газа Geology and Geochemistry of Oil and Gas

This textbook (its first edition was in 2000, the second one – in 2004) covers all major questions of oil and gas geology and geochemistry – hydrocarbon origin, migration and accumulation, the composition of gas, oil and its derivatives and their distribution conditions in the earth's crust. Hydrocarbon formation is considered as a pervasive process and a natural outcome of the development of the earth's crust. Particular attention is paid to the role of fluid dynamic processes in the formation of oil- and gas-bearing structures in sedimentary basins. Typification of sedimentary basins is based on modern geodynamics using the latest ideas about the structure of the earth's crust and the nonlinear processes of tectogenesis and lithogenesis. The book highlights the role oil and gas play in the economy, fuel and energy balance of the world and the country.

For university students studying in the specialty ‘Geology and geochemistry of fossil fuels.’

Глобальная история Global history

The textbook reveals the main content of the global history course: methodological issues, characteristics of the most important stages of human development from the prehistoric era to the beginning of modernization. The book highlights the key global historical processes of each era and examines the specifics of their occurrence in different regions of the world.

The manual is intended for students of higher educational institutions.

Глобальные исследования и эволюционный подход Global Research and Evolutionary Approach

The monograph deals with the problems of globalization of science, new directions in the development of global studies and globalistics stimulated by using the evolutionary approach. Evolutionary globalistics focuses on studying the development and co-evolution of global processes and systems and their systemic-synergetic phenomenon – global development.

The concept of evolutionary globalistics is disclosed in the context of universal (global) evolutionism and the prospect of transitioning to new, safer forms of civilization development and its interaction with the nature of the Earth and the Cosmos. The book forecasts a possible unfolding of future global processes – a transition to sustainable development and the making of the sphere of the mind (the noosphere). Particular attention is paid to the methods and approaches used in globalistics, as well as the spatial and temporal expansion of global research. It investigates the evolution of globalistics itself including the development of such study areas as political and legal globalistics and informational globalistics. It also subdivides globalistics into temporal sections – paleoglobalistics, neoglobalistics, futuroglobalistics and nooglobalistics and the spatial one – cosmoglobalistics.

For specialists, teachers, postgraduate students and a wide range of readers who are interested in the problems of evolutionary globalistics.

Город в пореформенной России: социокультурные и правовые аспекты
Государственное управление имеет значение Public Administration Matters

Professor V.A. Nikonov’s open lecture that he read to students at the Public Administration Faculty, Lomonosov Moscow State University, on September 3, 2012.

The lecture examines the role of public administration in the history of the rise and fall of great states. Numerous examples show the importance of management models, managerial innovations that led one or another nation to the climax of its historical development ensuring unprecedented economic growth, political advantage and the superpower status. A comparative approach to the understanding of history allows us to identify the opportunities and results of using managerial technologies in a sociocultural and historical context, to show that the great states of the past that aspired to be a superpower were created not only by using military force, army, economic influence but also by unifying culturally and ideologically their peoples with the help of common religion, language and value imperatives. For instance, the importance the Arab rulers attached to education, science and its practical application ensured vitality and global influence for their world. However, the closed traditional Arab society lost its historic leadership when it failed to meet the challenge of modernization. This challenge was taken up by Europe that created a new scientistic technogenic civilization, a new global order.

The West posits desacralized ‘Weltanschauung’, market economy and democratic politics as the cornerstone of a unipolar world project and a response to the challenges of globalism. In its struggle for world leadership the West’s opponent and rival is modern China, whose civilizational characteristics and governance models have ensured her a superpower status. The civilizational approach allows us to consider the history of mankind as an integral process of interaction between civilizations and as a struggle for historical leadership. In this philosophical and methodological paradigm, history fully becomes a teacher for professional managers.

Государственный аудит State Audit

The manual covers the program of ‘State and Municipal Audit’ course for students of School of State Audit (Lomonosov Moscow State University) and describes the basic elements of the fi nancial control, the state fi nancial control and the state audit in Russia. The basic features of the accepted mode of public audit, especially their implementation in the activity of Accounting Chamber of Russia are revealed. The experience of international organizations of the supreme bodies of audit and problems of the state audit standardization in Russia are described.

For students, teachers, scientists and experts, and for all who is interested in the problem.

Гуманитарная миссия современной глобализирующейся коммуникативистики Humanitarian Mission of Modern Globalizing Communication Science

The book introduces new theoretical concepts and trends of foreign communication science. It is based on the analysis of the fundamental research by prominent representatives of this globalizing science, which studies the humanitarian aspects of media development.

For teachers and students of journalism faculties, specialists in various fields of information activities and for a wide range of readers who are interested in the role of communication factors in the socio-cultural life of the modern world.

Дифференциальные уравнения Differential equations

A detailed summary of the compulsory course of ordinary differential equations, which has been read by the author for many years for students of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Lomonosov Moscow State University, is presented. The textbook introduces readers to the geometric interpretation of the first-order equation, with the first integrals, special points and limit cycles of autonomous systems, with the theory of linear equations and systems, including constant and periodic coefficients, with the questions of the existence, uniqueness and continuability of solutions, their continuity and differentiability by parameter, Lyapunov stability, as well as with questions of the existence and uniqueness of the solution of the Cauchy problem for a partial differential equation of the first order.

Precise definitions are given, statements are carefully formulated and proved, the most important methods of solving problems are strictly justified. All the necessary theoretical information, related concepts and facts from related branches of mathematics are given. The tasks for independent solution are proposed, allowing to penetrate deeper into the read material. For students and postgraduates studying the classical theory of ordinary differential equations.

Древнерусская литература Old Russian Literature: To Aid Teachers, High School Students And University Entrants

This book contains a broad analysis of Old Russian literary monuments dedicated to Russian literature of the 11th — early 18th centuries. The collection is based on the work of the department of ancient Slavic literature in the A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences and teachers of Moscow State University.

The book is meant for school teachers, high school students, university entrants, college students, as well as to all lovers of ancient literature.

Е. Замятин, А.Н. Толстой, А. Платонов, В. Набоков E. Zamyatin, A.N. Tolstoy, A. Platonov, V. Nabokov

In this book, well-known scientists analyze works that were recently included in the school curriculum. Readers will find it useful reading the analysis of the novel ‘We’ by E. Zamyatin, prose by A.N. Tolstoy, the works of A. Platonov, ‘The Luzhin Defense’ and ‘The Circle’ by V. Nabokov.

Задания для олимпиад по экологии Tasks for Olympiads on Ecology

The manual is meant for teachers and secondary school pupils, college and university undergraduate students studying Ecology. The materials of the manual can be used to assess the students’ knowledge as well as to facilitate their preparation for contests in Ecology.

The manual provides tasks on the five sections of Ecology: General ecology (Bioecology), Social ecology and Human ecology, Natural resources and their use (Environmental management), Environmental pollution (Applied ecology), and Environmental protection. The tasks are formulated as tests of different levels of complexity and various kinds (free-answer and alternative questions).

When writing the manual its authors applied their experience of teaching Ecology and developing the base of the tasks for different levels of the All-Russian contest on Ecology and ‘Lomonosov’ contest on Ecology at Lomonosov Moscow State University.