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Introduction to the history of culture

Introduction to the history of culture

Введение в историю культуры
ISBN: 978-5-19-011630-4 publication date: 2022 format: 60×90/16 pages': 533

The textbook is focused on revealing the essence of culture through the meaningful variety of its forms. The authors considered their main goal to involve the reader in the exciting world of multiplicity of cultural meanings. Various stages of the history of culture are analyzed by modern methods of humanitarian knowledge.

The publication is intended for students of humanitarian faculties studying the history of culture as a general educational discipline, as well as for all those interested in the patterns of development of world culture.

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Krotov A.A.

Doctor of Philosophy,

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Smirnov A. Sviderskaya Marina I.

Doctor of Art History,

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Lungina Darya A.

Ph.D in Philosophy,

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