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Экология биосферы
Экономика нано-технологий
Элементарная финансовая математика
Эпидемиология трансмиссионных болезней
Эстетика: начала классической теории Aesthetics: the beginnings of classical theory

This textbook is a revised and expanded edition of the text published in 2011 (Moscow: Academic Project). Since the first edition, the textbook has been an integral part of the educational process at the Faculty of Philosophy of Lomonosov Moscow State University and has shown a very high degree of suitability for the training of both students of philosophical specializations and applicants for academic degrees in relevant areas.

The materials of this textbook are the result of many years of research and teaching work of the author at the Department of Aesthetics of the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University. The text contains historical and theoretical expositions of classical aesthetic issues.

The publication will be useful for a wide range of readers interested in the theory and history of aesthetics.

Этические основы информационных коммуникаций: зарубежные подходы и традиции

The book includes educational and methodical supplies with control questions and recommended literature, tasks for individual work, examples of actual professional and ethical dilemmas for the analysis of concrete cases of journalistic practice, and texts of the international and foreign documents considering various aspects of media ethics. 

For students journalism schools.

Юридический статус личности в России
Ядерная геохимия Nuclear geochemistry

The textbook sets out as fully as possible the main issues related to the finding and behavior of various types of radionuclides of natural and anthropogenic origin in terrestrial matter. Much attention is paid to the ecological geochemistry of radionuclides. The issues of geochronology and isotope systematics using radiogenic stable and radioactive isotopes are considered. The issues of the impact of radioactive radiation on the geological environment, including the problems of terrestrial heat, are also presented. The principles of measuring radionuclides and the use of field radiometric methods are given. The main text is preceded by sections devoted to the physical and physico-chemical features of radionuclides.

The book is written in an accessible language and is intended for students, postgraduates and specialists in the field of geochemistry, geology, ecology, radiation hygiene, as well as related disciplines related to the study of radionuclides in terrestrial matter.

Язык и межкультурная коммуникация Language and intercultural communication

Study guide. 3rd edition.

This book is the first fundamental textbook on the new and very popular specialty "Linguistics and intercultural Communication". Such work is especially important in the new conditions of the "world without borders", when the problem of mutual understanding of people of different cultures and traditions is acute and the education of tolerance for foreign cultures, the awakening of interest and respect for them becomes a necessity for the survival of mankind.

For philologists, linguists, diplomats, sociologists, ethnographers, psychologists, culturologists and for everyone who comes into contact with the problems of interethnic, intercultural communication in professional or everyday life.

Recommended by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation as a textbook for students and postgraduates of higher educational institutions studying in the specialty "Linguistics and intercultural Communication".

Язык СМИ и политика Media language and politics

The collective monograph, written by well-known Russian linguists, presents a broad picture of the functioning of the language of the media, comprehensively analyzes the influence of politics on the language of the media. This problem is central to the language of the media, since politics is the main content in the activities of the media, and is considered in semiotic, functional-stylistic, ethical and rhetorical aspects. The language of print and electronic media (newspapers, magazines, television, radio) is studied in detail. The language of foreign media is also considered in a comparative aspect. The monograph shows the current state of the media language and its influence on the development of the literary language.

The monograph is of interest to students, postgraduates and teachers of journalism and philology faculties, as well as to a wide range of readers, for those who care about the purity and expressiveness of Russian speech.