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Шаг за шагом в мир глобальной науки
ISBN: 978-5-211-06454-6 publication date: 2012 format: 70х108 1/16 pages': 176

Globalization of science does not only strengthen the competition, but also gives a range of opportunities for both investors and researchers. In particular, every researcher can easily gain an access to all promising layouts, publications, projects, grants; co-authors and publishing partners in the field of interest; create and promote own international brand or optimize data search process and publication writing process. Many of these opportunities are free for researcher with Google Scholar or Russian data base for researchers and their works – ISTINA. All mentioned options are available simultaneously with Thomson Reuters' products: Web of Knowledge, EndNote Web, Researcher ID. The aim of this manual is to introduce the above mentioned technological solutions to the target audience – researchers and scientists. Ultimate goal is to adapt most recent international and Russian research platforms, data and reference bases for day-to-day work of researchers' community.

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