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Сергей Есенин
Сюжет «Евгения Онегина»
Тренировочные задания по испанскому языку DELE и ЕГЭ

This course aims at providing comprehensive preparation for the State Exam and the International Exam in the Spanish language. The course contains two full practice tests in the format of the State Exam and one full test in the format of DELE "Escolar". This course is followed by the CD-disk with authentic materials and documents, regulating the structure and the content of examinational materials for the State Exam (Exam Specifi cation and Codifi cation of the Spanish Language) and contains the State Exam demo test 2013 as well.

This course is designed for teachers and teacher consultants, who manage the preparation of senior pupils to the State Exam and for all the students, who are going to prepare for the State Exam individually or with the help of a teacher, using all the tips and typical test items that allow them to evaluate the level of their preparedness.

Федор Иванович Тютчев: поэтическое открытие природы
Федор Иванович Тютчев. Поэтическое открытие природы
Химия XXI века в задачах Международных Менделеевских олимпиад Chemistry of the XXI century in the tasks of the International Mendeleev Olympiads

The book presents all the tasks - theoretical and experimental - of the last five International Mendeleev Olympiads of schoolchildren in chemistry. This is the result of a great work of a large team of chemists from different countries, information about which is also presented in the book. The reader is given the opportunity to cover the whole system of tasks of the Mendeleev Olympiads, to get information about the directions of development of modern chemical science Olympiads.

Химия. Для школьников старших классов и поступающих в вузы Chemistry. For school pupils and university applicants

The book contains theoretical materials regarding all parts of chemistry course, as well as 1500 examination tasks, questions and exercises accompanied by their detailed analysis and answers. The tasks vary in difficulty level - from basic to most advanced.

The book is intended for high school students, chemistry teachers, and pretenders.

Химия. Справочник школьника Chemistry: Reference Book for School Student. Tutorial.

The reference book describes the main problems in general, inorganic, and organic chemistry within the school curriculum according to the educational standards of the last generation.

The book is intended for a wide range of readers. It is useful for students of 8–11 grades of comprehensive school, students of special chemistry classes, university applicants, chemistry teachers, junior students of non-chemical insti tutes, and anyone who is interested in the subject.

The manual contains a detailed index and the appendix where the most important reference data are shown.

Химия. Формулы успеха на вступительных экзаменах Chemistry. Formulas for success in entrance exams

This manual differs from most publications intended for applicants in that the largest domestic university - Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov - presents all the variants of examination tasks in chemistry offered at the entrance exams at all faculties of Moscow State University over the past three years. For each option, detailed solutions of tasks or answers and instructions to the solution are provided.

The manual is intended for applicants entering universities for chemical, medical and biological specialties, as well as for high school students and chemistry teachers.

Шестнадцать шедевров русской литературы Sixteen Chef-d’oeuvres of the Russian Literature

This book is written as a guidance for literature teachers and senior high school pupils of gymnasiums and lyceums majoring in humanities to help them preparing for compositions on masterpieces of the Russian literature. These are namely Eugene Onegin by Alexander Pushkin; Mikhail Lermontov’s poem Death of the Poet and his novel A Hero of Our Time; Ivan Turgenev’s short novel Asya and his novel Fathers and Sons', Ivan Goncharov’s Oblomov, What Is to Be Done? by Nikolai Chernyshevsky; Poor Folk and main novels by Fyodor Dostoyevsky; Nikolai Nekrasov’s poem Poet and Citizen and finally the Russian novel itself in its national and authentic form, and certain novels of such contemporary heritors of the literary classic of the XIX century as Vasily Belov and Alexander Potemkin.

The book is intended for the teachers of secondary schools, gymnasiums and lyceums, school leavers, students and lecturers at the Departments of Philology as well as everyone who admires Russian literary classic and values it.

Экология для любознательных