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Классический университетский учебник

Классический университетский учебник

Радиожурналистика >Radio Journalism

The textbook deals with the history, specific features and public functions of radio broadcasting, its place in the mass media system, the structure of its expressive means, radio broadcasting program genres and forms, questions of the methodology of the radio journalist's work both when broadcasting live and recording programs for future broadcasts as well as the typology of radio broadcasting organizations that has been established in Russia and abroad. It provides the first ever summary of foreign experience, international broadcasting experience and forms and methods of radio audiences surveys.
For students of journalism and television practitioners.

Развитие метода ортогональных полиномов в механике микрополярных и классических упругих тонких тел >Development of the method of orthogonal polynomials in the mechanics of micropolar and classical elastic thin bodies

The book is devoted to the construction of various versions of the theories of elastic thin bodies using the method of orthogonal polynomials. It deals with selected issues of classical and micropolar continuum mechanics and eigenvalue problems of tensor objects of any even rank with some applications to mechanics. Formulas expressing explicitly complete systems of orthonormal proper tensor objects are derived. Classifications of materials are given.

For researchers, undergraduates and postgraduates specializing in the fields of deformable solid mechanics and mechanics of thin structures.

Русская литература и журналистика XVIII века >Russian literature and journalism of the XVIII century

The textbook "Russian Literature and journalism of the XVIII century" is already the 5th edition. The content of the book covers the period from Peter the Great's transformations to the last decade of the XVIII century, when sentimentalism was established in Russia as a literary trend. The author analyzes the artistic and journalistic works and journalistic activities of famous writers of the XVIII century, introducing the reader to a wide range of names — from Feofan Prokopovich to N.M. Karamzin.

The publication is intended for students, postgraduates and university teachers.

Русский фольклор >Russian folklore

The famous teacher and scientist, academician, Professor Y.M. Sokolov (1889-1941) considers the artistic properties of Russian folklore, its features as a phenomenon of traditional Russian culture. All types of folklore are covered. The history of collecting and studying folklore in Russia is presented. The book is characterized by brevity and clarity of presentation, written in excellent language. Time has highlighted the scientific merits of the book. And to this day the surviving copies of the first (1938) and second (1941) editions are in use by the higher school. The book was also published in English. In the process of preparing for the third edition, comments were made on certain outdated provisions.

For students, postgraduates, teachers and anyone interested in Russian folklore.

Сборник задач по оптимизации. Теория. Примеры. Задачи. >Collection of optimization problems. Theory. Examples. Tasks.

The book contains about 700 problems for finding extremes for the finite-dimensional case, for problems of classical calculus of variations, optimal control and convex programming. It contains elements of functional analysis, differential calculus and convex analysis.

The book contains the theory necessary for solving problems and examples. The basis for solving all problems is a single principle that goes back to Lagrangian. Some of the tasks are given with solutions. There are a large number of difficult tasks that can be used as term papers and theses.

For university students majoring in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, as well as for graduate students and researchers.

Социальная философия. Деятельностный подход к анализу человека, общества, истории. Часть 1
Сравнительная грамматика славянских языков >Comparative grammar of Slavic languages

Textbook. 2nd edition. The textbook discusses the principles and methodology of comparative historical linguistics, presents the history of the Proto-Slavic language, contains information about the territory of settlement of the ancient Slavs and their contacts with native speakers of other languages. A special section is devoted to the history of the sound system of the Proto-Slavic language and the later phonetic transformations.

The book is intended for students and postgraduates of philological faculties as a textbook for the course "Comparative grammar of Slavic languages" and as a textbook for the course "Introduction to Slavic Philology".

Старославянский язык >Old church language

The textbook, created by one of the prominent scientists in the field of Slavic linguistics, includes the following sections: philological introduction; phonetics; texts from Old Slavic monuments intended for practical classes and containing all the basic data that are studied in the course of the Old Slavic language; dictionary; essays on morphology.

Структурная геологиягеология: иллюстрированный терминологи- ческий словарьгеология: иллюстрированный терминологический словарь >Structural geology: an illustrated terminological dictionary

The illustrated terminological dictionary of structural geology is intended for students and undergraduates studying in the field of "Geology", as well as for geologists engaged in structural research. The dictionary contains 340 terms, which are arranged in alphabetical order. Almost all terms are accompanied by illustrations, for most of them there is an English translation.

Теория вероятностей, математическая статистика и элементы теории возможностей для физиков >Probability theory, mathematical statistics and elements of the theory of possibilities for physicists

The book consists of three parts. The first part presents all sections of probability theory for physics and mathematics specialties. The limit theorems of probability theory and the theory of random processes, which is important for physical applications, are considered in more detail.

The second part presents the main sections of mathematical statistics and considers its applications in the theory of measuring and computing converters as means of physical measurements and in the theory of statistical solutions.

In the third part, the elements of the theory of possibilities are considered as an alternative probability theory of the randomness model, which allows empirically reconstructing mathematical models of objects, including stochastic ones, whose probabilistic models cannot be constructed empirically. Applications of the theory of possibilities in problems of optimization of solutions, analysis and interpretation of measurement experiment, etc. are considered.

The book is aimed at students of physics and mathematics departments of universities.

Теория и история социологии религии >Theory and history of the sociology of religion

The textbook summarizes the materials of educational and methodological developments of the basic course "Sociology of Religion", taught at the Department of Philosophy of Religion and Religious Studies of the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University for undergraduate students of the educational program in the field of Religious Studies. The publication presents both classical scientific views on a wide range of problems of the sociology of religion in historical, conceptual, methodological aspects, and the author's solution of those problems that constitute the main subject field of the sociology of religion. The appendices contain a number of cases representing examples of sociological research conducted by the staff of the department under the guidance of the author of the textbook — Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Honored Professor of Moscow University I. N. Yablokov. For undergraduate students taking courses in sociology of religion, philosophy of religion and religious studies, as well as for all interested- engaged in the study of religion.

The scientific and auxiliary work was carried out by the Candidate of Philos. M. S. Kiselev, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Philosophy of Religion and Religious Studies.

Теория операторов >Theory of operators

The textbook corresponds to the program of the courses "Functional Analysis", "Operator Theory", "Analysis III", which are taught at universities and pedagogical universities. The book presents the basic set-theoretic concepts, presents the general theory of metric, topological, linear topological and normalized spaces, the general theory of measure, measurable functions and the Lebesgue integral. The theory of operators in Hilbert space, the spectral theory of self-adjoint operators, traces of operators, applications of methods of the theory of analytic functions in the spectral theory of non-self-adjoint operators, the theory of the Fourier transform and generalized functions are considered in detail.

For students of universities, pedagogical universities and universities with advanced study of mathematics. It can be useful for graduate students and researchers.

Теория перевода >Theory of translation

The textbook is devoted to the general theory of translation, a scientific discipline that studies by various methods and techniques the structure and patterns inherent in any translation, regardless of the pair of languages being compared, the form of translation activity and the conditions of its course, the content and functional orientation of the translated texts.

It is intended for students studying the theory of translation within the specialty "Translation and Translation Studies", the direction "Linguistics", as well as for persons studying under the program of additional qualification "Translator in the field of professional communication", and for a wide range of readers who want to get acquainted with this type of complex and socially significant cognitive and communicative activity.

Устойчивое развитие человечества >Sustainable human development

Written taking into account the rich international and domestic experience of recent decades, the textbook promotes a holistic perception of modern environmental and social problems in mutual connection: from the most general environmental and demographic patterns in combination with the analysis of human consumption of natural resources to modern ways of preventing an environmental crisis and achieving sustainable human development. 

For students of higher educational institutions studying in environmental specialties, as well as for a wide range of people interested in modern problems of human development.

Учебник латинского языка >Latin language textbook

The textbook consists of 24 lessons, a "Textbook", a "Short grammar guide", Latin-Russian and Russian-Latin dictionaries and a section "Latin proverbs, sayings, winged words, some legal formulas". Grammatical material with detailed explanations and comments on grammatical topics in relation to texts, as well as the inclusion of syntactic topics in the first lessons allows you to master the basics of Latin grammar and quickly learn to understand unadapted original Latin texts.

For students of humanities faculties, mainly philological and historical-philological, and independent study of the Latin language.

Учебник русского языка для иностранных учащихся-филологов >Textbook of the Russian language for foreign students-philologists

The textbook summarizes, systematizes and deepens knowledge of grammar, word formation, vocabulary and stylistics of the Russian language.

The book is intended for foreign students — students, undergraduates, postgraduates of philological faculties of Russian universities, studying Russian in accordance with the requirements of the State Educational Standard (III certification level: general knowledge, professional module "Philology"). The textbook can also be used by teachers of the Russian language abroad.

Химия горючих ископаемых >Chemistry of combustible minerals

The textbook characterizes organogenic elements (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur) that are part of both the living matter of bioproducts — higher plants, phyto-, zooplankton and bacteria, and combustible fossils. The main part is devoted to the description of the properties and composition of combustible minerals: natural gas, oil and naphthides, peat, brown, hard coals, anthracites, sapropelites, oil shales, as well as their secondary changes in deposits in the zones of hypergenesis and catagenesis. An idea of analytical methods for studying their properties and composition is given. The connection of the molecular composition of living matter with the composition of caustobiolites — chemophossils and their precursors for the geological and geochemical interpretation of analytical data is traced. Examples of material and material-genetic classifications of caustobiolites are described. The review of modern methods of interpretation of data on the molecular composition of oil and organic matter of rocks is presented. The abiogenic and organic concepts of the origin of oil and the arguments of proponents of biogenic hypotheses and sedimentary-migration theory of the origin of oil are considered.

The textbook is intended for students, undergraduates and postgraduates studying in the specialty 1.6.11 "Geology, prospecting, exploration and exploitation of oil and gas fields" at geological faculties of universities.

Эстетика: начала классической теории >Aesthetics: the beginnings of classical theory

This textbook is a revised and expanded edition of the text published in 2011 (Moscow: Academic Project). Since the first edition, the textbook has been an integral part of the educational process at the Faculty of Philosophy of Lomonosov Moscow State University and has shown a very high degree of suitability for the training of both students of philosophical specializations and applicants for academic degrees in relevant areas.

The materials of this textbook are the result of many years of research and teaching work of the author at the Department of Aesthetics of the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University. The text contains historical and theoretical expositions of classical aesthetic issues.

The publication will be useful for a wide range of readers interested in the theory and history of aesthetics.

Язык и межкультурная коммуникация >Language and intercultural communication

Study guide. 3rd edition.

This book is the first fundamental textbook on the new and very popular specialty "Linguistics and intercultural Communication". Such work is especially important in the new conditions of the "world without borders", when the problem of mutual understanding of people of different cultures and traditions is acute and the education of tolerance for foreign cultures, the awakening of interest and respect for them becomes a necessity for the survival of mankind.

For philologists, linguists, diplomats, sociologists, ethnographers, psychologists, culturologists and for everyone who comes into contact with the problems of interethnic, intercultural communication in professional or everyday life.

Recommended by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation as a textbook for students and postgraduates of higher educational institutions studying in the specialty "Linguistics and intercultural Communication".