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Классический университетский учебник

Классический университетский учебник

Биофизика в 2-х томах >Biophysics.

This book is a fundamental textbook (in two volumes) on biophysics, which presents the basics of modern biophysical science.

The first volume sets forth the theoretical foundations of biophysics. It places special emphasis on the problems of mathematical modeling of biological processes at different levels of living matter organization. It considers physical features, dynamic and electronic properties of the structural unit of living matter – the macromolecule as well as physicochemical mechanisms of energy transformation in biostructures.

The second volume (Chapters 15–30) deals with the physicochemical mechanisms of major processes that occur in organisms. It discusses in detail the issues of biological membrane structure and functioning, bioelectrogenesis, muscle contraction, reception, electron transfer and energy transformation in biomembranes. It considers the mechanisms of primary phases of photobiological processes including photosynthesis, sense of vision, photochemical reactions in biopolymers.

For students, postgraduates and multi-discipline specialists who are interested in the physicochemical foundations of life processes.

Ботаника: Курс альгологии и микологии >Botany: Algology and Mycology Course

The textbook was created based on the periodically reprinted ‘Lecture Course in Lower Plants’. Unlike the previous edition, the current one excludes sections dealing with the description of viruses and bacteria, but instead it has added a new section, which sets out the rules of botanical taxonomy and the ABC of botanical Latin. The systems of individual groups of organisms traditionally referred to as ‘lower plants’ (algae, fungi, lichens, myxomycetes) have undergone significant changes due to modern methods used in biochemistry, cytology and molecular biology. This fact finds its reflection in the book. More attention is paid to the cytology, physiology, ecology and practical use of ‘lower plants’. The set of described species and the scheme of their description have been left largely unchanged.

For students of universities and teacher-training colleges, it will also be useful for undergraduates and postgraduates of agriculture, medicine and veterinary, as well as for everyone who is interested in fungi, algae and lichens.

Введение в химию твердофазных материалов >Introduction to Solid-State Chemistry

This is a systematic presentation of the course in the line of solid-phase materials with special properties, which is read at the Faculty of Materials Science, Lomonosov Moscow State University. It considers features of the chemical bond and structure of solids, thermodynamics, kinetics, and the mechanism of solid-phase reactions leading to the formation of practically important materials and gives an overview of the main classes of modern materials and methods for obtaining them. The book reflects many years of experience in teaching this discipline at the Faculty of Materials Science and the Faculty of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University.

For university students of materials science, chemistry and physics; it will be useful for graduate students, teachers and specialists working in the field of materials science, chemistry and solid-state physics.

Инфекционные болезни >Infectious Diseases

The textbook presents modern data on the most common and rare infectious diseases of man, the history of their study, etiology, pathogenesis, clinic, diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology and prevention. It gives the materials necessary for a modern doctor to timely recognize an infectious disease and effectively treat the patient. It gives special attention to unsolved urgent issues of infectious pathology.

For students of medical universities and medical faculties of universities, as well as graduate students, clinical residents and general practitioners.

Метаморфическая петрология >Metamorphic Petrology

The textbook covers the main issues of the petrology of metamorphic and metasomatic rocks and impactites and analyzes the main types and factors of metamorphic processes. Based on the physicochemical analysis of mineral parageneses, it describes the most important mineral associations that arise under metamorphism and provides the formational analysis of metamorphic rocks.

For students and postgraduates of geological and geochemical specialties.

Основы физической геохимии >Fundamentals of Physical Geochemistry

The textbook provides a complete course in basic physical geochemistry. It considers the subject and methods of physical geochemistry as a science of the physicochemical regularities of mineral, rock and ore formation and gives general points of the thermodynamics of equilibrium natural systems, which are a special type of systems with completely mobile components. It derives main thermodynamic relationships that characterize natural processes and shows their application. The book gives a detailed description of the questions of theory, topology, methods for constructing diagrams used in geochemistry, petrology, and the theory of mineral deposits.
For students, graduate students and all specialists involved in the study of physical and chemical regularities of natural processes.

Палеонтология >Paleontology

The textbook (its first edition was published in 1997) presents a picture of the organic world of the past as it came into existence 3.8 billion years ago. It outlines general provisions and basic concepts of paleontology including the history of paleontology, types of fossil preservation, evolution patterns; habitat, organisms’ conditions and life in marine and terrestrial environments; bionomics of the World Ocean; biomineralization and fossilization; the role of organisms in sedimentation and rock formation; importance of paleontology for geological and biological sciences. The systematic part of the book contains a description of 30 types, 58 classes and 132 orders of the five kingdoms (bacteria, cyanobionts, plants, fungi and animals), and 6 major mammal families for vertebrates. The final part deals with the evolution of the organic world from the Archeozoic era to the present day and examines in detail the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic periods. All the sections are accompanied by a set of tasks, exercises and a variety of illustrative material including four fly-leave illustrations, 335 drawings (often composite), 33 tables and 26 diagrams.
For students and teachers of geology, geography and biology at universities and colleges as well as for museum workers and all lovers of paleontology.

Радиожурналистика >Radio Journalism

The textbook deals with the history, specific features and public functions of radio broadcasting, its place in the mass media system, the structure of its expressive means, radio broadcasting program genres and forms, questions of the methodology of the radio journalist's work both when broadcasting live and recording programs for future broadcasts as well as the typology of radio broadcasting organizations that has been established in Russia and abroad. It provides the first ever summary of foreign experience, international broadcasting experience and forms and methods of radio audiences surveys.
For students of journalism and television practitioners.

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