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Классический университетский учебник

Классический университетский учебник

Мелиорация почв >Soil reclamation

The textbook contains up-to-date information about the principles and methods of soil reclamation in different natural zones, the relationship of reclamation measures with the soil cover and the adequacy of reclamation methods to the natural conditions of the landscape. New methods of reclamation of the properties and regimes of saline soils, stony, swampy and boggy soils, soda soils, sulfide, gypsum, carbonate salinization, etc. are considered. The composition of the necessary measures for the environmental protection of reclaimed soils and landscapes from degradation changes is given. The issues of soil reclamation are considered. 

For students and postgraduates-soil scientists, ecologists, agrochemists, agronomists.

Менеджмент организационных изменений >Management of organizational changes

The textbook discusses the causes of organizational changes, the tasks of change management managers, methods for diagnosing organizations and identifying areas of need for changes. The main theoretical approaches and models of change management, methods of their planning and sequence of actions for their implementation, as well as a wide range of problems associated with changes are presented: the perception of changes by personnel, the reasons for resistance to changes and methods of overcoming it, the formation of change management teams, strategies for their implementation. The features of changes in the organizational structure, culture of the organization, ways of radical changes and management of changes in a crisis are considered.

For Master's degree students studying in management specialties.

Метаморфическая петрология >Metamorphic Petrology

The textbook covers the main issues of the petrology of metamorphic and metasomatic rocks and impactites and analyzes the main types and factors of metamorphic processes. Based on the physicochemical analysis of mineral parageneses, it describes the most important mineral associations that arise under metamorphism and provides the formational analysis of metamorphic rocks.

For students and postgraduates of geological and geochemical specialties.

Многочлены действительные и комплексные. Теоремы и задачи >Real and complex polynomials. Theorems and problemsReal and complex polynomials. Theorems and problems

The book contains about a thousand tasks that can be used in the study of algebra in both regular and specialized physics and mathematics classes and in preparation for the Unified State Exam and other exams and mathematical Olympiads up to the highest level. It can serve as an addition to the well-known problem books used in secondary and higher school.

It contains collections of problems on the main topics studied at school: algebraic and trigonometric equations and systems, solving algebraic and trigonometric inequalities, proving inequalities, complex numbers. The issues that go beyond the scope of the school curriculum, but accessible to the understanding of schoolchildren, are considered. The necessary theoretical information is presented in the form of task cycles.

The book contains both easy and difficult problems that were offered at mathematical Olympiads at one time or contain non-trivial facts from theory that go beyond the scope of the program. Some tasks are left without instructions and solutions, teachers can use them for training exams and Olympiads.

The book is of interest to both schoolchildren and students, teachers and all lovers of mathematics.

Определитель лишайников болот бореальной и тундровой зон России >The determinant of lichens of bogs of boreal and tundra zones of Russia

The proposed determinant based on modern ideas about the systematics of lichens makes it possible to make up for the lack of knowledge of these organisms in swamp ecosystems. The first sections provide brief information about the biology, ecology, practical significance of lichens, and methods of study necessary for the identification of species. In the main part, various keys are given for determining lichens (genera, lichen species, taking into account their substrate confinement and in the absence of fruit bodies); diagnoses of 107 genera are given, before which keys are given for determining the species of these genera, as well as diagnoses of 345 species. After the name of the species, its synonyms are given, and after the diagnosis of the species, the types of swamps and the substrates on which these taxa occur in swamps are indicated. 

The determinant is designed for botanists, geographers, employees of specially protected natural areas, students, postgraduates, as well as nature lovers interested in lichens.

Основы гидрогеологии >Fundamentals of hydrogeology

The textbook discusses the composition and structure of the underground hydrosphere, types of groundwater and conditions of their formation, the principles of hydrogeological zoning and the main types of hydrogeological areas problems of use and protection of groundwater: fresh mineral therapeutic, industrial and thermal power, as well as methods of field hydrogeological work, widely used in various types of research and surveys.

For students studying in the direction of "Geology", it can be used when reading the course "Hydrogeology" ("General Hydrogeology") to students of the specialties "Hydrology" and "Geoecology" of geographical faculties of universities, as well as for students studying in the specialty "Prospecting and exploration of groundwater and engineering geological surveys" of technical universities.

Основы нейтронографии >Fundamentals of neutronography

The physical foundations of low-energy neutron scattering methods for studying the structure and dynamics of matter in a condensed state are described. The textbook is written on the basis of courses of lectures given by the authors at the Faculty of Physics of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The book consists of three parts. The first part contains a consistent presentation of the principles of the theory of low-energy neutron scattering. The second part is devoted to the methods of obtaining and forming neutron beams, as well as their registration. The third part is devoted to basic experimental methods of neutronography, describes the principles of the device of experimental installations and measurements, as well as methods of interpretation of experimental data based on the theory described in the first part.

For students, postgraduates and researchers working or beginning to work in the field of research of physical, chemical and biological systems at the microscopic level.

Основы физиологии и биохимии свертывания крови >Fundamentals of physiology and biochemistry of blood clotting

As part of the curriculum, this textbook provides a fairly general, complete basic understanding of the basic (including classical) physiological concepts and principles used in the study of the blood coagulation system. The application of modern biochemical approaches to solving the problem of physiological regulation of the blood coagulation system makes it possible to understand the mechanisms of interaction between the processes of coagulation and anticoagulation.

The textbook consists of two parts, the first of which covers modern theoretical concepts of the physiological foundations of blood clotting processes occurring in the body, their relationship with the function of the body's anticoagulation system. The second part is devoted to the practical application of the theoretical knowledge on hemostasis and includes the implementation of tasks in the direction of professional activity of students who study primary and plasma hemostasis, humoral agents of the anticoagulation system of the blood, the relationship of the coagulation and insulin systems of the body. This is the most important difference between this textbook and other books on the physiology and biochemistry of blood clotting.

The textbook examines the current state of the hemostasis system and introduces readers to blood research methods used in physiological and biochemical laboratories and medical practice.

It is intended for students and teachers of biological and medical universities, researchers, doctors.

Основы физической геохимии >Fundamentals of Physical Geochemistry

The textbook provides a complete course in basic physical geochemistry. It considers the subject and methods of physical geochemistry as a science of the physicochemical regularities of mineral, rock and ore formation and gives general points of the thermodynamics of equilibrium natural systems, which are a special type of systems with completely mobile components. It derives main thermodynamic relationships that characterize natural processes and shows their application. The book gives a detailed description of the questions of theory, topology, methods for constructing diagrams used in geochemistry, petrology, and the theory of mineral deposits.
For students, graduate students and all specialists involved in the study of physical and chemical regularities of natural processes.

Палеонтология >Paleontology

The textbook (its first edition was published in 1997) presents a picture of the organic world of the past as it came into existence 3.8 billion years ago. It outlines general provisions and basic concepts of paleontology including the history of paleontology, types of fossil preservation, evolution patterns; habitat, organisms’ conditions and life in marine and terrestrial environments; bionomics of the World Ocean; biomineralization and fossilization; the role of organisms in sedimentation and rock formation; importance of paleontology for geological and biological sciences. The systematic part of the book contains a description of 30 types, 58 classes and 132 orders of the five kingdoms (bacteria, cyanobionts, plants, fungi and animals), and 6 major mammal families for vertebrates. The final part deals with the evolution of the organic world from the Archeozoic era to the present day and examines in detail the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic periods. All the sections are accompanied by a set of tasks, exercises and a variety of illustrative material including four fly-leave illustrations, 335 drawings (often composite), 33 tables and 26 diagrams.
For students and teachers of geology, geography and biology at universities and colleges as well as for museum workers and all lovers of paleontology.

Практикум по общей химии >Practical Course in General Chemistry

The fourth edition of ‘Practical Course in General Chemistry’ prepared by the author's team under the guidance of Professor S.F. Dunaev presents a wide range of practical tasks and tests that fully correspond to the course curricula of general and inorganic chemistry for non-chemical specialties at Moscow State University and other classical universities. The distinctive feature of this training manual is that it provides a wide representation of the chemistry of the elements. It envisages the use of modern equipment and modern methods of calculation and report in order to perform its tasks and tests. Every college and university and secondary specialized educational institution that teaches general and inorganic chemistry can use this training manual.

Радиационная медицинская физика >Radiation medical physics
The textbook has been prepared on the basis of special courses taught at the Department of Accelerator Physics and Radiation Medicine for 20 years. The main material for the book was the textbooks of the cycle "Library of Medical Physics" for the basic courses of the department, published in 2017-2019. The textbook consists of three sections: theoretical chapters, nuclear physics in medicine, clinical dosimetry and quality assurance.

     The textbook is intended for students of physical, physico-technical, chemical, radiobiological specialties studying in the specialty " Physics of the atomic nucleus and elementary particles", "Medical physics". It will also be useful for students of other physical, chemical, biological and medical specialties preparing to work in radiological departments of oncological institutions. The publication is also aimed at students studying under the program of additional professional retraining of medical physicists, as well as medical specialists working in radiology, radiation therapy and diagnostics, nuclear medicine.
Радиожурналистика >Radio Journalism

The textbook deals with the history, specific features and public functions of radio broadcasting, its place in the mass media system, the structure of its expressive means, radio broadcasting program genres and forms, questions of the methodology of the radio journalist's work both when broadcasting live and recording programs for future broadcasts as well as the typology of radio broadcasting organizations that has been established in Russia and abroad. It provides the first ever summary of foreign experience, international broadcasting experience and forms and methods of radio audiences surveys.
For students of journalism and television practitioners.

Развитие метода ортогональных полиномов в механике микрополярных и классических упругих тонких тел >Development of the method of orthogonal polynomials in the mechanics of micropolar and classical elastic thin bodies

The book is devoted to the construction of various versions of the theories of elastic thin bodies using the method of orthogonal polynomials. It deals with selected issues of classical and micropolar continuum mechanics and eigenvalue problems of tensor objects of any even rank with some applications to mechanics. Formulas expressing explicitly complete systems of orthonormal proper tensor objects are derived. Classifications of materials are given.

For researchers, undergraduates and postgraduates specializing in the fields of deformable solid mechanics and mechanics of thin structures.