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Fundamentals of Physical Geochemistry

Fundamentals of Physical Geochemistry

Основы физической геохимии
book lists chemistry
ISBN: 5-211-04849-0 publication date: 2005 format: 60х90 1/16 pages': 654

The textbook provides a complete course in basic physical geochemistry. It considers the subject and methods of physical geochemistry as a science of the physicochemical regularities of mineral, rock and ore formation and gives general points of the thermodynamics of equilibrium natural systems, which are a special type of systems with completely mobile components. It derives main thermodynamic relationships that characterize natural processes and shows their application. The book gives a detailed description of the questions of theory, topology, methods for constructing diagrams used in geochemistry, petrology, and the theory of mineral deposits.
For students, graduate students and all specialists involved in the study of physical and chemical regularities of natural processes.

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