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Библиотека факультета политологии МГУ

Библиотека факультета политологии МГУ

В.И. Вернадский - создатель учения о ноосфере >V.I. Vernadsky: A Creator of the Noosphere Concept

The monograph deals with V.I. Vernadsky’s teachings about the noosphere. It analyzes the process of Vernadsky’s formation of his noospheric views in the course of his academic, scientific and organizational and socio-political activities.

For specialists, university lecturers, undergraduate and postgraduate students and a wide range of readers who are interested in the problems of the noosphere and Vernadsky's heritage.

Личность политика: теория и методология психологического  портретирования >The Personality of a Politician: the Theory and Methodology of Psychological Portraying

This publication summarizes the domestic and foreign experience of building a psychological portrait of a politician's personality. It also covers the history of the phenomenon and the concept of the psychological portrait and the current state of this issue. It explores the portrait-building potential of psychological theories, methodological grounds and methods of constructing a psychological portrait. Considerable attention is paid to the problem of portraying results reliability.

For specialists in the field of political and social psychology, political science, as well as students, undergraduates and postgraduates studying political and psychological sciences.

Нигилизм или консерватизм? Русская интеллигенция в истории политики и мысли >Nihilism or Conservatism? Russian Intelligentsia in the History of Politics and Thought

The book includes a study of ‘Political Culture of the 19th and early 20th century Russian intelligentsia. An Experience of Conceptual Analysis’ and other works of different periods written by Professor A.A. Shirinyants, head of the history of socio-political studies department of the Faculty of Political Science, Lomonosov Moscow State University. It is devoted to the problems of history, phenomenology and ideology of the 19th and early 20th century Russian intelligentsia.

For political scientists, philosophers, anyone who is interested in the history of socio-political thought in Russia.

О политической науке. Избранные произведения >About Political Science. Selected Works

This publication contains the selected works of Fedor M. Burlatsky, a famous scholar and author, one of the founders of modern Russian political science, a professor emeritus of the Faculty of Political Science, Lomonosov Moscow State University, which he wrote for more than half a century of his creative activity. The book deals with the formation of political science in the USSR and modern Russia, the current problems of political science research including the formation of political systems, institutions and processes. The author pays special attention to the phenomenon of political leadership.

For students, graduate students, teachers, researchers, all those who are interested in political science.

Политическая динамика современного мира. Теория и практика
Политическая философия >Political Philosophy

The tutorial is dedicated to the main problems of Political Philosophy — power, authority and governance in their different implementations. The tutorial is presenting Political Philosophy of the XX — beginning of the XXI centuries.

The book is adapted to the standards of modern generation and is particularly designed for the modern three-level education in Political Science. It is addressed to Bachelor and Master degree students as well as post-graduates specializing in Political Science.

Политические представления и ценности россиян >Russians’ Political Views and Values

The monograph presents a comprehensive political and psychological analysis of political views, values both at the theoretical and methodological level, and based on the results of empirical research. The indicated phenomena are considered from different points of view: at the level of individual and mass political consciousness, in terms of generational, politico-cultural and political-ideological dimensions. The book provides a detailed picture of the systems of modern Russian citizens’ political ideas and values and reveals the socialization context of their formation. This publication is intended for specialists in the field of political science, sociology, psychology, students and post-graduate students studying political psychology and political sociology and for all those who are interested in this topic.

Психология массовой политической коммуникации >Psychology of Mass Political Communication

The manual contains materials from the course the authors have been reading for a number of years to students at the Faculty of Political Science, Lomonosov Moscow State University. It considers the theoretical underpinnings of the psychological analysis of political mass communication, provides examples from modern communicative political practice and presents texts for reading and assignments for students’ independent work.
For specialists in the field of political science and psychology, students and post-graduate students studying political communication as well as all those who are interested in this subject matter.

Русская социально-политическая мысль. 1850-1860-е годы
Русская социально-политическая мысль. Первая половина XIX века
Современная  цивилизация. Вызовы и альтернативы
Современная российская политика
Социально-политическая концепция Маркса и Энгельса