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Московский университет — школе

Московский университет — школе

Математика в ЕГЭ и олимпиадах: применение тождеств и неравенств >Mathematics in the Unified State Exam and Olympiads: the Application of Identities and Inequalities

The manual is devoted to the basic for the formation of mathematical thinking theme — the same equations and inequalities. The book formulates and proves the most important algebraic, trigonometric, logarithmic, hyperbolic, etc. numerical and functional identity equations and inequalities used in solving a wide range of mathematical problems, showing relationships between them. The manual contains 300 tasks of different types with solutions from the introductory assignments and samples of the Unified State Exam in which various identities and inequalities are used to perform transformations and construct necessary assessments. The book may become study support for Math lessons in high school and expand the outlook of the students. It may also be useful for homework assignments.

Recommended for high school students of physical, mathematical and regular schools to prepare for the higher level USE on Mathematics, olympiads and Lomonosov Moscow State University entrance exams.

Математика для поступающих в МГУ >Mathematics for MSU applicants

The present fundamental tutorial is aimed at getting the applicants ready for the entrance examination in mathematics required for entering a number of MSU faculties. The book can also be of use to high school pupils and mathematics teachers.

Русский язык: теоретический курс для школьников >Russian language: a theoretical course for schoolchildren

The manual contains a systematic presentation of all sections of the course "Russian language" with an overview of the material presented in the most common school teaching materials, as well as diagrams and samples of analysis of all language units and comments on these analyses. The task of the manual is to generalize and systematize students' knowledge of language and speech. The manual is compiled in accordance with the theoretical guidelines adopted in pre-university training at the Faculty of Philology of Lomonosov Moscow State University, and is intended for school students who study Russian in depth (at the profile level), and teachers.

Химия. Для школьников старших классов и поступающих в вузы >Chemistry. For school pupils and university applicants

The book contains theoretical materials regarding all parts of chemistry course, as well as 1500 examination tasks, questions and exercises accompanied by their detailed analysis and answers. The tasks vary in difficulty level - from basic to most advanced.

The book is intended for high school students, chemistry teachers, and pretenders.