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Библиотека факультета мировой политики МГУ

Библиотека факультета мировой политики МГУ

Англо-саксонская модель «особых отношений». История и современность. >Anglo-Saxon Model of ‘Special Relationship’. Past and Present

This book is the final one in the author’s series of four monographs dealing with the study of the origin, formation and consolidation of the Anglo-Saxon model of social order, in general, and the armed forces, in particular. It examines issues related to the birth of the American nation and statehood and analyzes the thorny path the two main Anglo-Saxon states have travelled in their relationship from confrontation to the actual military and political alliance.

It is the first attempt in domestic historical science to trace the formation of the Anglo-Saxon ideology based on imperial nationalism and its practical implementation under the sign of these two states’ ‘domination’ in the international arena.

The book is intended for students of world politics and international law, experts in international and military security, as well as for all those interested in the problems of international relations.

Англо-саксонская модель военных реформ: история и современность >Anglo-Saxon Model of Military Reform. Past and Present

This book continues a series of Sergei L. Pechurov’s publications on the origins and development of the Anglo-Saxon model of society and armed forces. The author examines dominant views (both historical and current) in the Anglo-Saxon military science on military reforms. This book, for the first time in the Russian military and historical scholarship, traces the links between military reforms in the Anglo-Saxon countries (mainly, in the United States) and the revolution in military affairs. Drawing on numerous examples the author illustrates a thorny path of these military reforms and outlines the main trends for future military reforms both in the Anglo-Saxon countries and globally.

The book is addressed to the students of military and civil institutions of higher education specializing in world politics and international law, experts in international and military security, and to a wider audience of readers interested in military planning.

Выдающийся отечественный военный теоретик и военачальник Александр Андреевич Свечин. О его жизни, идеях, трудах и наследии для настоящего и будущего >Alexander Andreevich Svechin, an Outstanding Russian Military Theoretician and Military Leader. About his life, ideas, works and heritage for the present and the future

The fundamental historical and political work by A.A. Kokoshin, an Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the sixth Secretary of Russia’s Security Council is dedicated to the biography and creative work of Alexander Andreevich Svechin, an outstanding national military leader, military theoretician and political scientist.

The book analyzes his methodology of research into the relationship between politics, military strategy, operational art and tactics; his views on the correlation between defense and offensive in military strategy; formulas for strategic leadership and Svechin’s insightful observations on the future war (WWII).

The book is intended for specialists in the field of politico-military and military strategic problems and for all those who are interested in national military history. It can be used for educational purposes in civil and military educational institutions.

Идентичность и культура в современных международных отношениях >Identity and Culture in Contemporary International Relations

This textbook examines identity and culture as pivotal factors in contemporary international relations. It explores theoretical foundations of culture and identity studies and particularities of leading world powers’ cultures and identities. Special attention is paid to cross-cultural interactions and differences. This textbook summarizes author’s experience in teaching cultural aspects of international relations in Lomonosov Moscow State University for more than a decade.

This book is addressed to both undergraduate and graduate students and lecturers of political science and international relations, as well as to a wider audience of readers interested in contemporary world politics.

Личность политика: теория и методология психологического  портретирования >The Personality of a Politician: the Theory and Methodology of Psychological Portraying

This publication summarizes the domestic and foreign experience of building a psychological portrait of a politician's personality. It also covers the history of the phenomenon and the concept of the psychological portrait and the current state of this issue. It explores the portrait-building potential of psychological theories, methodological grounds and methods of constructing a psychological portrait. Considerable attention is paid to the problem of portraying results reliability.

For specialists in the field of political and social psychology, political science, as well as students, undergraduates and postgraduates studying political and psychological sciences.

Применение «жесткой» и «мягкой силы» во внешнеполитических целях. Теория и практика. Сборник научных трудов  школы системных исследований в области политэкономии международных отношений >The Use of ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft Power’ for Foreign Policy Purposes. Theory and Practice

The book contains scholarly works produced by the School of System Studies in the political economy of international relations and led by A.A. Kokoshin, A.N. Gromyko, A.A. Sidorov. The school was formed at the Faculty of World Politics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, based on the Department of international organizations and world political processes and the Center for security and development problems. The articles were prepared as part of the scientific project ‘Methodology of Systemic Analysis of the Practice of Applying ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft Power’ for
Foreign Policy Purposes’ This project was supported by a grant from the President of the Russian Federation for leading research schools of the Russian Federation (NSH-2427.2014.6). The collection contains articles on military, politico-diplomatic and financial-economic instruments as well as ‘soft power’ tools. The publication is addressed to students, postgraduate students and university and college teachers in the field of ‘International Affairs’ and ‘Political Science’, as well as to all whose who are interested in global policy problems.