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Университет для России
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ISBN: 978-5-211-06319-8 publication date: 2012 format: 70х108 1/16 pages': 400

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The book, written by specialists in the history of Russian education, is devoted to the formation of the university system in Russia. Based on a rich range of sources, the authors, using the example of the oldest Moscow University in Russia, show how during the reign of Nicholas I in the second quarter of the XIX century, a national model of a classical university was created using European experience. Its distinctive feature is the fundamental nature of education, inseparable from upbringing, the special role of the teacher, a great participation in determining the educational strategy of the state. The book is written in a bright literary language, richly illustrated, addressed to a wide range of readers.

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Petrov F.A., Ponomareva V.V., Khoroshilova L.B. University for Russia. — Moscow: Moscow University Press, 2012. — 400 p.
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Petrov F.A. Ponomareva V.V. Horoshilova L.B.