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Humanitarian Biology and Ecology

Humanitarian Biology and Ecology

Терминологический словарь (тезаурус). Гуманитарная биология и экология
book lists biology
ISBN: 978-5-211-05360-1 publication date: 2009 format: 60х90 1/16 pages': 375

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This publication outlines the contents of seven lessons on humanistic biology – the sections of biology that are directly linked to social and humanitarian issues and at the same time to modern ecology. The subject has been the focus of attention of the Club of Biopolitics since it was founded in April 2010. A working group that this club set up has produced the present manual. In addition to the text of lessons, the manual contains recommendations for the school or university teacher about students’ assignments, questions to them, illustrations and reference sources.

The authors hope that the manual will contribute to higher efficacy of education which is one of the most urgent tasks Russia faces today.

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Oleskin A.V., Kartashova E.V., Botvinko I.V., editors. Humanitarian Biology and Ecology. — Moscow: Moscow University Press, 2009. — 375 p.
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Oleskin Alexander V.

Doctor of Biology,

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Kartashova E.V. Botvinko I.V.