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Синдром Шегрена. Руководство для врачей
book lists medicine
ISBN: 978-5-19-010836-1 publication date: 2013 format: 70х108 1/16 pages': 600

Many diseases are beyond one medical discipline, and it turns out to be a serious obstacle for their research. Creation of multidisciplinary group involving all the specialists interested – is a key to solving this problem. Such a decision was made long ago, in 1980's, by the Russian Academy of Sciences concerning Sjögren's syndrome. Uniting together efforts of several academic institutions has led to a serious breakthrough in the research of fundamental basis of this complicated pathology. Due to this, nowadays the Russian Federation is one of the ten leaders in this problem solution. The book reflects a long-term experience of the authors as well as analysis of the world literature data to present the peculiarities of clinical picture, diagnostics and contemporary methods of curing patients with Sjögren's syndrome.

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Safonova T.N. Vasilev V.I. Likhvantseva V. G.