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Russian 19th Century Literature. 1840s through 1860s

Russian 19th Century Literature. 1840s through 1860s

Русская литература XIX века. 1840-1860-е годы
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ISBN: 978-5-211-05703-6 publication date: 2010 format: 60х90 1/16 pages': 376

This is the third book in the 'University Lecture Courses' series (on philological disciplines), opened by Moscow University Press in 2005 with lectures by the oldest teacher of the University, N.I. Liban. Its main author is V.A. Nedzvetsky — an Honored Professor of Moscow State University, a Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Pedagogical Education Sciences, laureate of the Goncharov Literary Prize. He had published two lectures on Russian literature of the Soviet period (Budapest, 1986, 1989) and lecture courses on Russian literary criticism of the 18th and 19th centuries (Moscow, 1994, 2008), as well as a special course on I.S. Turgenev works (Moscow, Sterlitamak, 2008). The last two lectures in the book (about Nekrasov and Ostrovsky) were written by the associate professor of the Moscow City Pedagogical University E.Yu. Poltavets. This lecture course is dedicated to Russian literature of the second third of the 19th century. Writers of that period, such as Herzen, Turgenev, Goncharov, Chernyshevsky, L. Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Nekrasov, Fet, Tyutchev, and Ostrovsky, gained Russian and European recognition within their lifetimes. V. Nedzvetsky and E. Poltavets' lecture course is remarkable in its subtle aesthetic analysis, conceptual consistency, and simplicity.
For students (bachelors and masters), postgraduates and teachers of philological faculties, as well as for all those interested in Russian literature classics.

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