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Pushkin’s Romantic Muse

Pushkin’s Romantic Muse

Романтическая муза Пушкина
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ISBN: 5-211-04394-4 publication date: 2001 format: 60х90 1/16 pages': 128

This book singles out four periods in the development of Pushkin's romanticism placing an emphasis on the history of its development in his lyric poetry, on lyrical romanticism as a moving phenomenon, on the dynamics of images, style, and aesthetic coloring of his works. Although being aware of the constant original values of Pushkin's romanticism, the author also considers both the changing opinions and forms of creativity corresponding to the poet’s nature, his mental make-up, in other words, this book studies the works of a Genius. It is addressed to specialists in philology and everyone who loves Pushkin.

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