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Moscow University Rectors (1755–2017)

Moscow University Rectors (1755–2017)

Ректоры Московского университета (1755–2017)
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ISBN: 978-5-19-0111-87-3 publication date: 2017 format: 60x90 1/8 pages': 122

Evgeny Evgenievich Shiryaev, a Moscow University alumnus, who worked for many years at the Geological Faculty, has created a unique portrait gallery. Today, these portraits decorate the Rectors’ office-museum in the MSU building in Mokhovaya Street. Unfortunately, the portrait gallery is incomplete since the images of some of its rectors are unavailable now, however some background information about these rectors’ lives and activity still survives and is now on display at the museum.

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Orlov A.S., Trofimov V.T., Raevskaya O.E., Shiryaev E.E., Lobus A.K., et al. Moscow University Rectors (1755–2017) — Moscow: Moscow University Press, 2017. — 122 p.
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Orlov A.S. Trofimov V.T.

Doctor of Mineralogy and geognosy,

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