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The Psychology of Abnormal Child Development in Two Volumes

The Psychology of Abnormal Child Development in Two Volumes

Психология аномального развития ребенка в 2-х томах
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ISBN: 5-88711-293-Х publication date: 2006 pages': 744/818

This is the first anthology to be published in our country providing the necessary theoretical material for the course ‘The Psychology of the Abnormal Child’ which was read for many years at the Faculty of Psychology, Moscow State University, and other related courses (‘Emotional Disorders in Childhood’ and a hands-on workshop on ‘The Psychology of an Abnormal Child’). The specific feature of this book lies in the fact that it has been compiled by practicing psychologists who are directly involved in working with children in a clinic or a children’s consultation office. The numerous cases that different authors describe in their articles make theoretical constructions or conclusions clear and understandable helping to recognize deviations in child development and map out ways to correct them. The domestic psychological literature knows no other publication like this in the width and variety of theoretical concepts presented in the textbook and in the extent of the book’s coverage of clinical manifestations of abnormal child development. The reader is designed both for students who are beginning to study psychology, and for working doctors, psychologists, teachers and caregivers.

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