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Principles of Parallel Programming

Principles of Parallel Programming

Принципы параллельного программирования
ISBN: 978-5-211-06411-9 publication date: 2013 format: 70х108 1/16 pages': 408

In the age of development of multi-core processor architecture, the topic of parallel programming assumes great importance for engineers and designers of computer systems. The book ‘Principles of Parallel Programming’ written by renowned researchers and scholars Calvin Lin (Department of Informatics at the University of Texas, Austin) and Lawrence Snyder (Department of Computer Science and Computer Science, University of Washington, Seattle), deals with the fundamental principles of parallel computing. The book explains various phenomena and provides examples of the cases when these phenomena contribute to the success of parallel programming, or, on the contrary, create certain difficulties. The publication is intended for senior university students, for students studying for their master's degree and professionals who want to learn parallel programming. The book contains valuable reliable and information that will continue to be relevant despite the hardware and software evolution.

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