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ISBN: 978-5-19-010990-0 publication date: 2016 format: 60х90 1/16 pages': 264

The textbook outlines general provisions and a brief history of paleoecology and examines its methods and major areas of research. The main attention is paid to paleoautoecology (reconstruction of organisms’ way of life and conditions of existence and identification of physiological and behavioral phenomena) and the paleosinecology of marine animals (biocenotic analysis of modern and ancient biocenoses, interrelationship between organisms in communities, paleobiocenoses in time and space, the ecosystem analysis of modern marine ecosystems and ancient paleoecosystems, their evolution in time and space). The textbook is intended for university and college students, undergraduates and postgraduate students of geological specialties. It can also be useful for researchers in the field of paleontology, ecology, paleobiogeography and paleogeography.

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