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Discovering Grushin. Volume 3

Discovering Grushin. Volume 3

Открывая Грушина. Том.3
ISBN: 978-5-211-06519-2 publication date: 2013 format: 60×88 1/16 pages': 562

The book continues the ‘Discovering Grushin’ series, dedicated to the memory of the outstanding domestic philosopher and sociologist Boris A. Grushin (1929-2007). The third volume of the series contains the materials of the ‘Second Grushin Readings in Mokhovaya’, which took place in February 2011 at the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University, and the thoughts of Professor Grushin’s students, colleagues and followers. The articles and materials published in the collection present the well-known researcher’s multifaceted personality and acquaint the reader with not only his scientific but also his pedagogical heritage. This publication also includes Grushin’s hitherto unpublished earlier texts as well as the notes of the lectures he read at the Faculty of Journalism, Moscow State University.
For sociologists, philosophers, historians, social scientists, journalists, teachers of the sociology of journalism and mass communications, students as well as for a wide range of readers who are interested in his heritage. The editing and publishing work was carried out at the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University.
For the design of the book the materials from N. G. Kartseva’s personal archive were used.

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