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Oceanic Skarnoids

Oceanic Skarnoids

Океанические скарноиды
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ISBN: 978-5-211-06329-7 publication date: 2012 format: 70×108 1/16 pages': 343

The book, consisting of 12 chapters, presents the author’s improved Concept of the oceanic skarnoids which he recently published in the book ‘The New Paradigm minerageny’ (2010). Chapter 1 deals with databases, and parameters fields of ocean skarnoids, including such ‘key’ depostits as Uludag, Felbertal, Tyrnyauz, Yaogansyan, Shichzhuyuan, Srkytoye, Kiyalyh Uzen, Bayan. Chapter 2 is devoted to mineral resources bases of tungsten, molybdenum and tin in leading countries (China, Canada, Kazakhstan, Russia). Chapters 3, 4 and 5 contain descriptions of 100 deposits of oceanic skarnoids. Chapter 6 speaks about the basic geological features, genesis models, field types, geological features and search criteria of major stratiform deposits of the oceanic skarnoid class. The history and the priorities of the concept of ocean skarnoids are given in Chapter 7. Chapters 8 and 9 contain information about the domestic and foreign ore provinces of oceanic skarnoids. Chapter 10 examines deposits with affinity for the skarnoid W, Mo, Sn deposits: 1) Skarnoid Fe, Cu deposits; 2) W, Au deposits of Muruntau Olimpiada, Kumtor and others. Chapter 11 is devoted to the issues of further developing the Concept of Oceanic skarnoids including the genesis and sources of ore material, elaborate search features and criteria as well as deep-water drilling in the Gulf of California in the Pescadero and Farallon pull-apart basins. Chapter 12 covers prospects and some projects for identifying the largest deposits of the ocean skarnoid class.
For geologist-surveyors and specialists in the field of regional geology and minerals, for students and postgraduates.

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