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The Media System of Russia

The Media System of Russia

Медиасистема России
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ISBN: 978-5-19-011862-9 publication date: 2023 format: 60×90/16

For teachers and students of journalism faculties, researchers, media workers.


The educational publication, which has been steadily produced since 2015, examines general theoretical issues of classification and indication of media systems, historical stages of development and formation of the domestic media system; characterizes the legal field in which it functions. The book examines various segments of the Russian media system: print media, television, radio, online media, social media, news agencies, the film industry, advertising and public relations. The technological, economic, organizational, structural and content aspects of each segment are analyzed. Special attention is paid to the media audience. The textbook contains a large amount of statistical material.

For teachers and students of journalism faculties, researchers, media workers.

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E.L.Vartanova (ch. 1, 9), A.V.Vyrkovsky (ch. 7), T.E.Grinberg (ch. 13), A.N.Gureeva (ch. 9, adj.), D.V.Dunas (adj.), L.A.Kruglova (ch. 6), M.M.Lukina (ch. 8), M.I.Makeenko (Chapter 7), O.D.Minaeva (Chapter 2, adj.), I.A.Pankeev (Chapter 3), I.A.Poluekhtova (Chapter 15), E.V.Samorodova (adj.), S.S.Smirnov (Chapters 6, 7, 14, adj.), O.V.Smirnova (ch. 4), A.A.Timofeev (adj.), N.V.Tkacheva (ch. 10, 11), T.I.Frolova (ch. 5), G.G.Shchepilova (ch. 12), T.V.El-Bakri (ch. 10, 11) The Media System of Russia: a textbook for University students / edited by Dr. E.L.Vartanova, Doctor of Philology. — 3rd ed. — Moscow: Moscow University Press, 2023. — 000, [0] p. : ill. — (Classical University textbook).
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Vartanova Elena L.

Doctor of Philological,

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