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Химическое загрязнение биосферы и его экологические последствия
book lists ecology geography
ISBN: 978-5-211-05565-0 publication date: 2013 format: 60×901/16 pages': 304

In conditions of growing anthropogenic degradation of the environment a knowledge of general and specific patterns of distribution and accumulation of various pollutants in the environment of different regions and of ways to improve them are necessary for professionals in the field of protection of the biosphere. In the book sets out the theoretical and practical aspects of the activities of researchers and practitioners. The textbook contains a summary of the study of environmental management, of the significance of chemical contamination in modern society. Much attention is paid to valuation approaches and methods of chemical substances in the environment and assessing of their performance. There are described the principles and methods of remediation of the polluted soils, the assessment of the environmental impact of chemical pollution of the biosphere.

The textbook is intended for students who are training on specialties in soil science, ecology, biology, geography, natural resources and management and all those are interested by a current state of environment.

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