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Global Evolutionism: Ideas, Problems, Hypotheses

Global Evolutionism: Ideas, Problems, Hypotheses

Глобальный эволюционизм: идеи, проблемы, гипотезы
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ISBN: 978-5-211-06349-5 publication date: 2012 format: 70х108 1/16 pages': 616

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Global evolutionism underpins the modern general scientific picture of the world and the form of knowledge about global evolution in which self-organization of material systems is the main permanent process of progressive development in the observable Universe. The book proposes an original interpretation of global evolution, reveals the content of the concept of planetary and universal evolution as well as the basic principles and methods to study them. Considerable attention is paid to the forms of dark matter and their impact on evolution, the anthropic cosmological principle and the prospects for interaction between human civilization and the Universe. The monograph discusses problems of global process evolution, especially their socio-natural development in the context of future general planetary transition to sustainable development and the formation of the noosphere.

The monograph was prepared at the Faculty of Global Processes, Lomonosov Moscow State University, in the Center for Global Processes and Sustainable Development of the Russian Trade and Economic University and at the Department of Social Sciences and Technology of the National Research Technological University MISIS.

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