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France and Francophonie: Language, Society, Culture

France and Francophonie: Language, Society, Culture

Франция и франкофония: язык, общество, культура
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ISBN: 978-5-19-011250-4 publication date: 2018 format: 60×90 1/16 pages': 248

The monograph is devoted to the study of the language, society and culture of France in the context of the Francophonie. The author considers the theoretical and practical aspects of the unity/variance of language and culture, the development of national and cultural identity, the anthropology of space, everyday culture and its reflection in the language, linguistic and cultural politics as well as some terminological issues.

The book has an interdisciplinary nature and is intended for a wide range of readers: philologists, historians, specialists in area studies, culturologists, sociologists and representatives of other disciplines, researchers and lecturers, doctoral students, under- and post-graduate students, and everyone studying French and interested in the culture of France and Francophonie.

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Zagryazkina T. Yu.

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