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It will also be interesting for specialists in philology and every lover of Russian poetry.


Books in the ‘Rereading the Classics’ series give a modern analysis of the works that form part of school literature curricula. This is the first attempt to provide a detailed insight into the spiritual, moral and religious aspects of the art of 19th and 20th century Russian writers. The series is offered as the basis of modern knowledge about Russian literature, which is necessary for high school students to pass school-leaving examinations and to gain admission to any institution of higher learning.

Boratynsky is the only one of Russian lyricists of genius to have more than a hundred books and articles written about his art of which many conspicuously misconstrue his poetry. It is especially difficult for the young reader to understand the poet’s works. This manual can help fill in the void. Without skirting the most difficult questions regarding the poet's art, the author speaks about them in an easy-to understand manner. He places much emphasis on analyzing the works that are included in school syllabi and university curricula. Despite its small volume, the book gives a holistic view of Boratynsky's poetry as it reveals for the first time the religious foundations of his worldview, philosophical lyrical poetry, as well as the national underpinnings of his art, the connection of this European educated poet with his native land. Being the first literary work on Boratynsky, it is directly addressed to teachers of schools, lyceums and gymnasiums, students and university and college entrants.

It will also be interesting for specialists in philology and every lover of Russian poetry.

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