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Radio and Television in France

Radio and Television in France

Радиовещание и телевидение Франции.
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ISBN: 978-5-211-05810-1 publication date: 2010 format: 60х90 1/16 pages': 224

The monograph traces the main stages of the development of French radio and television broadcasting. The book examines the process of formation of the French audiovisual system against the backdrop of the country's internal social and political life, important international events, 20th century scientific and technological progress and the introduction of digital technologies in the early 21st century. The work focuses on the specifics of French radio and television functioning during the establishment of a state TV and radio monopoly in France. It examines in detail the legislation in the field of audiovisual media and its impact on the transformation of the French radio and TV broadcasting system.
For students, post-graduate students and teachers of faculties and departments of journalism, practical journalists, political scientists and media historians.

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