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Propionic Acid Bacteria

Propionic Acid Bacteria

Пропионовокислые бактерии
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ISBN: 978-5-211-02303-1 publication date: 1995 format: 70×108 1/16 pages': 288

The monograph summarizes the results of the author's research over many years and the information contained in the literature on the unique life form of propionic acid bacteria. The author tells about the complexity of scientific research, original approaches to the study of propionic acid bacteria and the great contribution to this area of microbiology by domestic researchers who have discovered amazing facts of general biological significance. She presents the data on the ultrastructural organization of propionic acid bacteria, their biochemistry, physiology, ecology as well as new data on the genetics of these bacteria, which are important for understanding the evolution of the world of living beings.
For microbiologists, biochemists, biotechnologists.

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