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Fundamentals of Speech Linguistics

Fundamentals of Speech Linguistics

Основы лингвистики речи
book lists linguistics
ISBN: 978-5-211-05824-8 publication date: 2010 format: 60×90 1/16 pages': 128

The book outlines the basics of speech linguistics, a new branch of linguistics and a new scientific discipline and defines its subject, methods of research, goals, tasks and prospects of study. It considers speech in theoretically and practical terms as a relatively independent area, an aspect of the single complex ‘language – speech’ phenomenon and examines in detail the components of the process of speech activity (speech production): Addressee (speech producer) – Speech (code, message) – Addressee. It shows the specificity of speech, patterns of its development and operation, the importance of speech linguistics for functional and practical stylistics, speech culture, rhetoric, general linguistics and modern scientific areas such as pragmalinguistics, anthropocentric linguistics, sociolinguistics, cognitive linguistics and others. The work is intended for a wide range of readers – university students, post-graduate students, teachers of journalism and philology as well as for all those who are interested in the Russian language, its purity and expressiveness.

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