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Fundamentals of Ethology and Genetics of Behavior

Fundamentals of Ethology and Genetics of Behavior

Основы этологии и генетики поведения
book lists psychology
ISBN: 978-5-211-05340-3 publication date: 2013 format: 60х90 1/16 pages': 384

The textbook contains both classical information about the laws of instinctive animal behavior (the foundations of ethology) and modern scientific data about evolution, ontogeny and the history of evolution. This is the first summary of materials on various aspects of the science of animal behavior, which is offered to Russian students. The manual reflects the content of the lectures on the basics of ethology and the genetics of behavior courses the authors have been reading for many years to biology students at the Moscow and Novosibirsk State Universities.
For students and teachers of biology and psychology at university faculties and teacher-training colleges.

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Zorina Z.A., Poletaeva I.I., Reznikova Zh.I. Fundamentals of Ethology and Genetics of Behavior — Moscow: Moscow University Press, 2013. — 384 p.
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Zorina Z.A. Poletaeva I.I. Reznikova Zh.I.