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Библиотека факультета экономики МГУ

Библиотека факультета экономики МГУ

Методические рекомендации к разработке бизнес-плана инновационного проекта >Methodical Recommendations for Developing a Business Plan for an Innovative Project

The aim of this manual to deepen and consolidate students’ knowledge gained during their lectures and seminar classes and to develop their creative and analytical skills on the subject of the ‘Economics of Innovation’ discipline. Given that the project is to be done by graduate students and to be of a general nature, its successful implementation also requires mobilization of the previous knowledge and experience, which was gained by studying other disciplines, too.

For MSU students studying at seminars and on their own in the ‘Economics of Innovation’ course.

Практическое пособие для бакалавров к семинарским и самостоятельным занятиям по курсу «Экономика инноваций»
Практическое пособие к семинарским занятиям по курсу «Основы предпринимательства»

The basic terms on entrepreneurship, the history of its development and practical situations are considered in this guide. Various tutorial resources with the use of records by Russian and foreign companies are given on each topic: problems, tests, cases, advancement questions, etc. The book is intended for students of Lomonosov Moscow State University’s Faculty of Economics.

Теория капитала и экономического роста
Теория общественного богатства
Управление брендом
Экономика нано-технологий