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От заглавия до последней строки. Учимся читать классику
ISBN: 978-5-19-011303-7 publication date: 2018 format: 60×90 1/16 pages': 363

In the book-aid written by the well-known teacher of Russian language and Literature Sergej Leonidovich Shtilman the idea of so-called slow reading (co-authorship of the reader and writer) is formed. Unpredictable discoveries in analysis of literary works studied at school and, besides, the topics (e.g. body language, «symbolic» names) that are rarely discussed by the literature specialists and critics are provided.

This book is addressed to the teachers of Russian language and Literature, the enrollees and the high school students willing to penetrate into the mysteries of Russian classics.

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Shtilman S. L. (2018). From the heading to the last line. Learning how to read classics. — Moscow: Moscow University Press, 2018. — 363 p.
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